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HORROR GAME OF THE YEAR | The Callisto Protocol

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. We are a community. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  1. Sam witwer is the actor from star wars the force unleashed. Cory if you didn't play those games you trippin

  2. How exactly is that axe/hammer thing staying on his back?

  3. Why does Cory sound like a zombie from the game when he does push ups 🧐

  4. Bro please don’t abandon us on this series right here. This too fye🔥

  5. I had to laugh when the stealth part came up, and right after the Bendy episode.

  6. James The Forex Prince - Beastly Trader says:

    I've never SUBSCRIBED so fast in my life before 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Bro the climbing part and then getting pulled into the moons gravity is giving me some CRAZY nostalgia from halo 4. I believe it was the first mission

  8. This game is🔥🔥🔥. Makes Dead Space look like Among Us

  9. Cory you vids are the Best keep it up 😁

  10. Cory will you please bring back cooking with kenshin? Seeing you in the kitchen with the eggs just brings back those good ole days

  11. Just finished watching the ending of your GOW pls continue this one Corry

  12. Love this fr cant wait for moooorrrreeee 🔥 🔥 🔥

  13. we need another cooking vid with Cory I miss them

  14. I know I should've posted this comment on the merch video but does anybody else think there should've been an UP DOWN UP DOWN merch? My bad if that's dumb I just thought of that.

  15. The main guy was definitly in TRANSFORMERS

  16. Please make this a series cory, I'm sure we would all love to see you get scared lmao

  17. Cory if you like this you should play Alien Isolation.

  18. The main character is Captain Lennox from Transformers 👌🏾

  19. I can't be the only one that noticed that captain Farris was homie I forgot the name of that played star killer in force unleashed

  20. I’m kinda late to point this out,and Coryxkenshin doesn’t even know but Cory,if you see this,the 2 guys in the video at 4:04,the one with the hat is Jeff Shine who played Frank Aiello from Call of duty ww2,and the one with the beard is Josh Duhamel,who played Sergeant William Pierson,who is also in call of duty ww2

  21. I can see the Military calling after seeing them push up

  22. GOW>>>>>Callisto but need a series out of this

  23. so glad to see the guy from star wars unleashed still acting in games and movies

  24. i think max has the same voice actor for carlos in re3r

  25. Cory please play signalis it’s a survival horror masterpiece


  27. Waiting for Elias to turn on him for some weird hidden agenda

  28. ONE FOR THE LATE NIGHT GANG! 2 episodes of God of War left, BACK TO EDITING!

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