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Hooters Waitress – SNL

Saturday Night Live
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A new Hooters waitress (Sydney Sweeney) creates issues for the other workers.

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  1. Sydney Sweeney is my girlfriend in my tokusatsu fanfic

  2. this is what State run comedy looks like

  3. They should have had Shane Gillis dress up as a Hooters girl

  4. Screw this. Imma watch the Italian sketch with dementia biden.. BRING BACK CHAPPELLE!!!!


  6. Ok I got the joke (which I didn’t LOL at) 30 seconds in. BORING

  7. SNL sketches are like trying to be cringe now, I’ve seen middle-school plays with better acting, for the last 10 years this show has been like a parody of itself that you’d expect to be playing in the background of a Family Guy episode

  8. Congratulations to Sydney Sweeney's breasts on finally hosting SNL.

  9. SNL is still a thing? I heard shane gillis was hosting and i had NO IDEA the show was even still around. 😂

  10. And just like that.. Sidney Sweeney reminded everyone what a woman is..

  11. Pretty privelege is very real. Go to a high traffic store in the wealthiest part of your city or state. The only normal and/or ugly ppl there are the ones that commute to work.

  12. Guys let’s make a skit where we the premise is “inflate the ego of an already privileged host”

  13. Cornhub script is much more funnier than this…

  14. Wow…SNL REALLY sucks these days. These guys are all terrible, the girls too. Sweeney is actually the best actress there. Kenan is still ok, but DAMN SNL is TRASH these days. Readin their friggin lines off a teleprompter obviously, wooden AF. Cancel this show before it insults comedy anymore.

  15. I can see the writing process for this sketch actually…… there are dozens of Tik Toks of Girls that work at Hooters whonshow off just how massive their tips are at the end of the day and they all tend to be the ones with the bigger bust sizes. So someone asked "what about the girls that have smaller busts?" And that's the sketch…… it brings up a good point about how women competing can devolve into who has the biggest pair but other than that it's a C+ sketch humor wise

  16. When did comedy sketches stop having punchlines? GOD this show is NOTHING compared to even fifteen years ago, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty five or forty.

  17. Where's the funny? Why is this not funny? 😢

  18. This is the breast skit they've ever done. 10/10

  19. they need new writers. this was so lame, but like the sketch who cares, we got to see her in a hooters outfit.

  20. Just horrible. Why don’t they let this show die?

  21. MadTV did a Hooters skit that was actually funny.

  22. Oh sorry….there was a sketch? I was too busy watching Sydney Sweeney's….ahem.

  23. Did anybody count how many jokes about her boobs there were in this episode?

  24. 0:56 I don't know what's funnier. The fact that he had to run to the bank first to give her a tip. Or the tip being whole stacks of cash. Also… this dude is always in SNL skits. Lmao.

  25. Ummm … this was not funny at all. What happened to SNL??? Bring back Chevy Chase!!!

  26. She's beautiful but the only thing funny here is Bowen Yang. Trash skit, trash writing. Can't they find some other way to show her body in a funny skit

  27. I wanted to write a funny sketch, I compromised, I put Sydney Sweeney in a hooters outfit

  28. I am Sydney Swooning over her right now ❤

  29. Who is she.. and more importantly.. what's the punchline??

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