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Harvey Boys vs. Girls (Full Episode) | Celebrity Family Feud

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Full episode throwback! It’s Harvey vs. Harvey on Celebrity Family Feud! New episodes premiere on Sunday, July 10. Tune in to ABC and stream on Hulu.

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Original air date: June 25, 2017.

00:00 Introduction – All in the family! Marjorie Harvey and the Harvey boys take on the other women in Steve’s life.
01:15 Round #1 – Steve’s mother-in-law, Doris vs. Steve’s wife, Marjorie. “Pool boy” answer creates major drama!
04:51 Round #2 – The kids take over! Brandi vs. Broderick. Name a part of a woman that moves when she walks in a sexy way.
09:41 Round #3 – Lori vs. Jason. Name something you’d hate for your wife to catch you in.
14:29 Round #4 – Morgan vs. Kareem. Some women have hot bodies, but the women you meet have hot what?
19:55 Fast Money – Marjorie puts up 163 points. Then this.


  1. When steve saw his wife and started to walk like that

  2. I Wonder if Steve Harvey Fired The PoolBoy At His House !!! 🤭

  3. I saw this when it aired, and I'm still laughing 🤣🤣

  4. Omg if thes was me I would be so Awkward

  5. I wonder if Marjorie were to say pastor, what would Steve say or react to that

  6. Sad to say but the women ment what they said

  7. Hot careers. Not one thought of a hot working professional?!?!?!

  8. I was getting like Steve ! What yal thinking??! I like grandma anyways

  9. DANG Your wife is AMAZING. Thank you fror shareing …………………..

  10. Jason is so cute bless him love how he gave his little sis a big hug n kiss

  11. I bet his whole family was trolling him

  12. Went overboard a couple of times but that why He has God's grace
    Jesus is King

  13. sounds like she had a personal experience with the crossdressing man thing

  14. Jason giving he likes em a lil bigger 🥵😍

  15. Imagine being their poolboy watching this finding out" you got fired on yo day off" 😂😂😂

  16. When she said “a pickle” and then Steve said “ Get out the pickle!!” 😂😂😂😂

  17. OH WOW PEEP THAT….NOT by the heir of my chinny chinny chinny🤣🤣🤣🤣good show we see you Maggie we see you STEVE NOT MY THE HAIR OF MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN.


  19. I like Karli's energy when her answer was up there

  20. I ABSOLUTELY cannot believe that they didn't say his clothes for that last answer…that is theeee most best dressed man on earth!

  21. Is it just me or does any else feel that these celebrity versions of game shows have jumped the shark? Weren't game shows for the average persons with no connection to celebrity, to have a chance to shine and perhaps win some cash? I'm sure this was a fun one for Steve, to have his family on both sides as he hosts. I might have gone for that idea if in his position. But let's get back to the regular version.

  22. she sleeping on da couch tonight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. I didn't know Steve Harvey has 8 kids. That's too many kids LOL. I love Family Feud television show. Steve daughter Lori is hot. Steve Harvey is from my hometown Cleveland, Ohio.

  24. Gotta say I'm pretty smitten with his lovely wife..

  25. She went full Mormon for a second there. 😂

  26. why didn't they make her go again isnt the waist the hips

  27. Bro cellulite and stomach have me cackling omg 🤣🤣 love that man

  28. i enjoy steve harvey all the time god bless you steve.

  29. That’s too funny. The host’s family could not get through for the win. All that money he spends for college ain’t doing a bit of good.

  30. One things for sure can't accuse Steve of giving them the answers 🤦🏿

  31. Most funny pool boy 😂 and I know Steve will remember for last his breath

  32. Dude said cellulite, stomach and hot armpits! Absolutely clueless 🙄

  33. This was a great one!

    I know Steve got rid of that pool boy quick.

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