HAPPY NEW YEAR BOYS 🎉 NEW PACK & FREE EPIC? 🤩 EFOOTBALL24 LIVE #efootball #happynewyear #live - playknightdefender.com

HAPPY NEW YEAR BOYS 🎉 NEW PACK & FREE EPIC? 🤩 EFOOTBALL24 LIVE #efootball #happynewyear #live

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  1. Ayúdame con el entrenamiento para cruyff Porfavor

  2. Konami cheated me again I got raul in 2nd free try last time I got Salah 😢

  3. 2:30:28 glitch or something? When he change the camera angle the line in the pitch change from vertical to horizontal

  4. I get cruyff in first free spin 😂🎉this is my very first big epic player

  5. 13 try no epic no feutedrs 🥲🥲🥲

  6. Bro forlan is amazing finisher ❤

  7. Happy new year Tom ❤
    Please 🙏 you haven’t upload any progression points of this dude 😂 please 🙏 I am waiting not i am we are waiting for the pp please 🙏 ❤

  8. I think you stunning shoot too much. Sometime just try shoot normally with more power and accuracy

  9. I got Cruyff in 2free spins and 100 coins🎉 Happy New Year BIT family

  10. Everyone put a one-star rating on this stingy game

  11. Konami never said they will be giving free Epic cards. What they said was 'you will get a chance to win an epic card from collections which have epic cards in them" which is what happened as they gave two free spins. The fact most of the so called Content Creators dont understand English and miss understood the statement is their own fault for being greedy and giving out false information which other content creators just copied and put out on their channels. Idiots

  12. I got raul in 1st free try that was my 4th free try epic in 2023

  13. this 3 epic not satisfying, only cruyff is better…happy new year tom😊

  14. Bruh u should have atleast tried 3-4 proper shots with Raul…. His shooting and finishing looking op! Do try him sometime without Cruyff in the squad 😅

  15. Stop doing stunning shoots with forlan. Without rising his normal shoots are better

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