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God of War Ragnarok Review

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00:00:00 – 00:00:30 No Spoilers – Code from Sony

00:00:31 – 00:02:30 What has happened?

00:02:31 – 00:03:20 What can you change?

00:03:22 – 00:04:51 Graphics Options/Comparisons/problems

00:04:52 – 00:06:15 Gameplay GoW2 is GOW 1+

00:06:15 – 00:06:47 Enemy AI changes

00:06:48 – 00:07:32 More Skills, amulet, runic powers

00:07:33 – 00:08:15 Slightly adjusted mission structure

00:08:16 – 00:09:56 Middle game drudgery

00:09:57 – 00:10:40 Massive Improvement-Favorite battle

00:11:07 – 00:11:53 Audio Excellence
00:12:38 – 00:13:23 Bear Mccreary’s involvement

00:13:24 – 00:15:09
The Best Voice Cast in a Game?

00:15:10 – What works and what doesn’t and Score


  1. I wonder if I'll be able to enjoy the amazing graphics through my tears of joy

  2. Downloaded, watched, liked and commented like I said

  3. Your ominous tone and small hints have me literally dying for the this game to release. I have high hopes and you sir have basically proven to me I wont be disappointed.

  4. the final fantasy 16 we never had T_T

    square enix should look at this and take a LOT of notes

  5. Elden Ring will have to settle for second, what a year!

  6. loved your russian nesting doll metaphor

  7. This is the best review for the game I have seen zero spoilers + it tells everything about the game ❤

  8. All I want to know is does it answers who blew the horn?

  9. Can't wait for a PC release! Hopefully they will follow this 4 year exclusivity pattern and not drag it out longer.

  10. I can't watch or listen to this bc of spoilers but I will like your video ACG. Can't wait to play this. I prob won't be on here much now it's out & have a ton of things to do but if I happen to unsub or leave youtube or somethin I wish u all the best man, love the channel

  11. so my ps4 is gonna be a jet engine the whole time

  12. 15:56 – This. This right here is why I want nothing to do with this pile of garbage. Some woman with twig-sized arms is going to be a threat to Kratos, the man who became the literal god of war and has chocked TITANS TO DEATH.
    This is the kind of woke, feminists nonsense that destroys entire franchises in books, movies, comics, video games, etc. Hell no, just hell no. I'm out.

  13. Amazing can't wait for the PC release, here's to hoping it comes faster than the original did. Nothing like 4k 60 locked in a good very good game.

  14. Nice review but Jesus could’ve gone easy on the spoilers this has been the worst one by far

  15. So on a vanilla ps4 with a 4k tv. What are my options ?

  16. Mannnnnnnnn Thor looks awesome! Can't wait to play.

  17. Kinda spoilery to see Kratos sitting down with Thor… But I chose to watch and maybe it was common knowledge.

  18. You literally said no spoilers within the first 5 seconds of the video, then you show footage of Kratos, Thor and Odin all sitting down having a casual conversation together. With the audio and everything. Not to mention you immediately described exactly how the game begins in detail immediately after saying no spoilers. Thanks man. Looks like I have to just literally avoid every single piece of content that comes out for this game now.

  19. That was one hell of a review, thanks for creating that

  20. To be totally honest, I think you showed a little bit too much. Next time, I would like more more gameplay and less cutscenes. The talk was on point as always, but regarding the video, it's a no from me.

  21. GOW 3: First 10 minutes Kills Poseidon The God of the Sea

    GOW Ragnarok: First couple minutes Fighting a Grizzly Bear!

  22. Why do you speak so fast, do you have a train to take ?

  23. This is the best review I have seen so for god of water

  24. Is there anyone giving us a full detail review with spoilers?

  25. Awesome video as always! I appreciate the honest, unbiased and detailed review! Thanks once again Karak!

  26. So glad there's a 4K option for this video. This masterpiece deserves that. 😍🤩

    Also, thanks for not spoiling. 🙂

  27. "Who doesnt need to sharpen his axe, because hes just going to push it threw you slowly. "


  28. This has been a highly anticipated title for me. As always, fantastic review.

  29. Anyone else also get the feeling that Karak has an absolute hog? Man just sounds like he’s packing a girthy 8 inches+ lol what do you guys think?

  30. I thought to myself, "Gonna wait for sale on GOW: Ragnarok cause…$70!?!?"
    After watching your review-😖 "Am I really gonna spend $70 for an game regardless if it's excellent or trash?!?"

  31. Idk why so many reviewers are showing the Thor/Odin/Kratos part. That feels like heavy spoilers especially considering all the teasing they've done for the game is that the two are going to fight. I still know they are going to fight but putting those scenes in there feels so wrong. I hope I am wrong on this and the context I am assuming from here is different than what will happen.

  32. I really want to play the game. I will wait though, budget constraints make it impossible to pay 70 dollars for this game. Loved the 2018 game, even though those Valkyries were a nightmare. Should be fun, maybe it will drop to $60 for black friday, I'd pick it up then otherwise nope.

  33. So glad they actually optimized it for performance mode for 4 Pro. Many dev have dropped it ever since PS5 came out.

  34. No spoilers —> you start punching a bear with kratos and loki lol, okay

  35. Uuuuhg. I really want to play this but I'm not paying a scalper on ebay 100s of dollars over msrp. So I guess I will wait 2 or 3 years till it comes to pc.

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