Girls VS Boys Sing Battle (Gacha Life) 400 subs special -

Girls VS Boys Sing Battle (Gacha Life) 400 subs special

Crystal Nora
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Thank you so much for 400 subs I hope we can get on 1000 subs!

intro song:
Jack’s song:
Elisa’s song:
Mark’s song:
Snowy’s song:

My instagram: _Crystal_Nora_
Ethan’s song:
Nora’s song:
Ray’s song:
Aurora’s song:

aps: Gacha Life
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  1. Nora thank you so much for doing videos for us you are the absolute best. we all love you and your videos. these are my favorite songs! please make more videos!

  2. I miss this sm I remember I would ask my mum for a YouTube channel to do this

  3. Love how we are checking up on our childhood in 2023

  4. i love you Crystal Nora other than Let me explain studios, your my favorite youtuber

  5. if some people dont like you, then dont worry about them they are just jealous of you keep being positive

  6. Just watching this brings me nostalgia so much😢

  7. I remember this watching as a kid and it's ALRDY 2023 Omg.

  8. I like how you added more details then just doing a singing battle.😊

  9. I like how she's throwing like an airplane LOL

  10. I'm writing this thing at 2023 and I clearly rememer that I watched this literally everday at 2019.

  11. 400 now when it was post now 341k subs 2019 omg🥺 I still love the song impossible 🤣

  12. Pov: that one orange/yellow haired gacha creater has been popping up on your fyp about 45729 times so now we're here watching these

  13. It's 2023 and went to yt to watch my fav gacha singing battle

  14. It’s sad because she quit two years ago but she was really good at making entertaining content

  15. Omg these videos r so dumb. Gacha life was my childhood😭😭😭

  16. I remember these. We were so cringe if we watched this😭 this was so cringe and cheesy💀

    Edit: no hate loved it just reminded me of the old days🥲

  17. This made my day and I love the little in your basement.

  18. Ngl- it is definitely the old days aka the best days- I miss them. But it was so cringe😭. No hate. But one thing I would change is the eyes.


  20. are we all just watching this on the same day

  21. We were so cringe but the old days are the best I like the older days ik we were cringe lmaoo

  22. Its my first time I get so many comments and views thank you all!

    edit: they are not siblings they are couples

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