Girls vs Boys in Rocket League: Who will win? -

Girls vs Boys in Rocket League: Who will win?

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  1. bruh i can beat pixiepoppins and im a d1
    (no discord)

  2. Was the 2v2 with champs bc i think im better than the girl champs. =D no toxic tho

  3. Bro are these gc they are all playing like dia3 i swear, im dia champ 1 and i know perfectly how to control my car

  4. we are all the same, you could have just picked the wrong players

  5. Girls are better than boys issss CAP if a boy and a girl were in a fight the boys would win

  6. There is no way the first match is golds bc I’m a gold and I can actually touch the ball and finish

  7. Ha, “she can’t finish” – Mr-Napkins

  8. Are you sure these ranks are accurate cause I’m in plat and I could have 100% beat those champs

  9. Obviously men and the only kind of men are superior at every sport!

  10. ''the girls are better than boys'' yes if you pick bot

  11. Can we participate? I already like this video

  12. The thing I don’t understand how are they different 😂

  13. 4:36 what is this strategy my man is using 💀 at this point idk if he should be gold

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