Girls BJJ superior to Boys high school wrestling -

Girls BJJ superior to Boys high school wrestling

Vision Jiu Jitsu – Ladera Ranch
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  1. Im childhood we let the girls win coz they used to cry later . We dudes used to be chill 😂😂😂😂

  2. If this guy is a wrestler I'm a fucking Kryptonian…

  3. As the face for me, I would’ve won, but she’s giving a death stare

  4. Using a sleeper hold is not allowed in High School wrestling. The girl should be permanently banned from participating in High School wrestling.

  5. How do people let themselves get trapped in sleeper holds? You gotta slip out!

  6. I have a nephew who had to wrestle against a girl once. He slammed her on the ground as hard as had dine to any of the other boys he had wrested. Knocked the crap out of and he won. She cried because it hurt her. I told him he wasn't wrestling a girl, he was wrestling an opponent and to show no mercy.

  7. joder ami me toco una como 1.70 de 14 años tio yo todo de 1.53 de 11 tio

  8. What a punk, he really stopped trying so the girl could be on top of him like that, for his pleasure too

  9. my female under 5 ft under 100 lbs Judo instructor doing only wrestling moves would pin the biggest strongest new students at start of beginning class. And I never saw even a male brown belt beat her in Judo she was 4th Degree Black it was like wrestling water.

    Females have won State wide in their weight class fighting males this just an area that men actually don't have an advantage the female flexibility and endurance along with ability to remain calmer thanks to no male hormone is the cause.

    They can't match the MMA men in the standing blow arts especially with all the smaller man beats larger man blows banned like hand blades which the gloves don't even let you do.

  10. An unskilled man, who is doing his best not to hurt a woman, will be bested by a skilled martial artist in grappling skills.

    I'm also very unskilled. But, strength will overcome that…
    And she would lose. Hopefully, unhurt as well.

  11. Bro what is that for a boy 😂, he is not able to win vs a girl 😂😂

  12. She woman handling him 😂😂😂

  13. If females are superior to boys, physically, they would have been used in battle a long time ago.

  14. El chico está pensando en otras cosas, por eso está perdiendo el combate.Es un combate absurdo🤤

  15. Primero quien fue el imbecil que hizo la grabación??? Segunda lo poco que se mira la chica es más grande que el chico. Tercera el chico jamás luchó a pesar de ser más chico apuesto que le gana. Cuarta dejen de mentirles a las mujeres que pueden con un hombre, por eso después terminan muy mal heridas.

  16. Camera man sucks. Didn't even see a tap. Was that on purpose because this is a totally misrepresented video?

  17. Мне кажется я бы даже не сопротивлялся😅

  18. I think the boys like to lose just to get pinned by a hot girl.

  19. BJJ is the king of martial arts, it's the only form that you don't need to know anything about the other style to win. But a. Good wrestler with understanding of jiu jitsu is very dangerous

  20. Really lousy camera work. I have to assume she forced a tap?

  21. You know some guys pay to wrestle girls and get enjoyment out of the contact? Just saying. Not all wrestling matches are two beastmode people.

  22. O mlk pensando: tomara que não acabe.. tomara que não acabe.. :`)

  23. That little chubby boy isn't wrestling

  24. the best, the best, the best, the best

  25. “Oh no, the pretty girl is pinning me down..”😅. For real though, he clearly has no idea what he is doing.

  26. The calmer you defend, the easier to offend

  27. 😂🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶.

  28. If you use an apostrophe, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary online sex war arguments
    Boy's girl's

  29. They’re letting them win…or should be!

  30. It's not fair. Boy's fighting two battles.

  31. Had some girl cousin's were rough till i turned 12.

  32. This is bogus . He aint even trying

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