GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia -

GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia

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Phasmophobia is probably the scariest multiplayer ghost hunting game we’ve ever played! Who’s going to die first?



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  1. Almost half the video is them screaming
    At eachother-

  2. mark's perspective in 12:13

    wades perspective: terrifying

    bob's perspective: pretty much hell

    sean perspective: Chill not even terrified just silently laughing

  3. I’m just realizing that this was the first video of Mark’s I saw.

  4. I love how mark didn't even bother to get a normal flashlight

  5. Anyone else have to pop over to Jacks channel just to hear that scream in its muffled glory? 🤣🤣

  6. Im commenting so every like/comment on my comment reminds me of this video

  7. Jennifer Lopez getting back at markiplier for being more popular

  8. I played this recently with my friends, story time. We were doing a job at one of the houses and we were about to go into the garage until the lights on our flash lights started flickering and going insane and me and one of my friends stepped into the garage. THE BLOODY THING STARTED SINGING RING AROUND THE ROSY AND THAT WAS THE FASTEST I HAD EVER TURN AND RAN IN MY ENTIRE GAMING LIFE. I sat in the van for a good few minutes because that is one of my IRL fears. That I will be sitting in the dark or trying to go to sleep and then something starts singing and it isn't going to be me. We continued the investigation but I crashed and so I watched my friend stream it on discord and it was a phantom. I THOUGHT IT WAS WAY WORSE THAN THAT. Thank you for coming to my story time.

  9. Wade: Hey can someone put down the camera and check the green light’s on
    Mark: SEAN’S DEAD

  10. Adult
    Are you a child?
    Huh I got no clue but I think Karen said adult

  11. we just buy sanity pills every time we finish a round because of the 0% sanity lol

  12. Kinda wish I’d seen this POV first. It kills the creepy vibe when you can’t stop laughing hysterically.

  13. imagine this as a show but its these four. like everything they did in this series but irl.

  14. Your hair in this video.. The most bootiful locks i have ever seen.

  15. QOTD: what’s your greatest fear?

  16. Mark needs to keep playing games with Wade, Sean and Bob I missed these

  17. Do you have the emf?
    tHe eXtRa mAtHeRfUcKeR

  18. Id make a funny comment but Id just like for you to know I wish you a nice day.

  19. Mark: Lisa White ArE yOu A cUP?

    Lisa White: Mark.. I’m a material G0rl.

  20. 32:11 Mark: "I CANT OPEN THE DOOR IT WONT OPEN…"
    Bob: "YABADA-"
    Mark: Hey guess what guys!?
    Bob: DA-

  21. Me an my buddy delivered your parents or grandparents a fridge, and they mentioned you lol I thought it was pretty cool to deliver something to someone’s family that’s famous lol

  22. I'm hoping to get a crew together to play. Solo mode sucks.

  23. Love when Bob freaks out and ends up taking pictures of nothing 😂

  24. I wonder what Phasmaphobia is VR would be like.

  25. Watching this now really makes me appreciate how far this game has come. Mark should definitely revisit this. They would have a blast with all the latest updates.

  26. 18:10 "Lisa, if you're here give us a sign!"


    *w h a t t h e f u c k .*

  27. all four of them: trying to talk to lisa
    lisa: goddamn these idiot humans

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