Getting the boys to raid toxic Rust players- Karma -

Getting the boys to raid toxic Rust players- Karma

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Getting the boys to raid toxic rust players- Karma. FancyOrb brings his Rust army to take out toxic players for revenge.


  1. He just called the population of kansas upon those two boys

  2. This is what I means to be with the boys

  3. To the guy that did the kamikaze attack, salute to you brave soul 😅😅😅

  4. I wish man i wish that i was one of the boys but i dont have a PC and my Phone broke now i cant go in my Email and steam

  5. Ohhh we need the boys on DayZ!!!! This is amazing

  6. How to kill an good gaming chair player in 1 minutes

  7. This whole game is toxic. Be honest with out the boys how many times have you lied to and decieved a 10 year old to get what you wanted 😂😂😂

  8. Dude if it wintered that F$#& THUS SERVER

  9. They start as toxic, then you get good laugh outta them

  10. nah they werent toxic, just insanely stupid

  11. Buddy just become piece of cake messing with fancy

  12. Toxic 12-year-olds are the worst in video games. I hope this experience taught those kids a lesson and they turn their lives around.

  13. Hahahah (Helicopter Helicopter "indian Sounds arise")

  14. I want to be a part of the boys but I don't got a pc

  15. Just needed Fortunate Son playing as they rolled up to really set the scene

  16. I love the toxic kids pure fear when they see 20 helis fly over the trees

  17. I did subscribe… the boys never came for me…

  18. I see it, you bait players to attack while having an army on standby🤣

  19. Im laughing so hard because the helicopter at the top

  20. 1:38:36 The speach of absolute Determination and and will power gave me chills

  21. That looked like an action movie when they arrived.

  22. respect to the dude who played the dixie horn

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