Gaming with Samus and the boys [Animation] -

Gaming with Samus and the boys [Animation]

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That’s what you get for screen peeking, Spartan

Animated in blender, edited in Davinci Resolve

BFG Division 1993 style by Jacoy766 –


  1. Gordon Freeman doesn't wear a helmet… but him not talking is pretty accurate.

  2. Love the added touch of choef having his TTS from arby n' the chief

  3. Gordon don't give a damn about chief get beaten

  4. No way the bot voice used for arby n the chief

  5. I LOVE THIS GAME! ninyendo better remake this crap bro it's a gem

  6. Lol asking for a woman's help in a fist fight.

  7. I still have a Ds with Metroid prime hunters on It

  8. ok boomer, chief he’s only 8 years older than you

  9. Are they playing PVP Metroid prime hunter ?

  10. I never knew how much I needed this until I watched it

  11. Samus is down one arm
    Master Chief is talking shit
    Doomguy is beating MC's shit
    Gordon doesn't need to hear all this, he's a highly trained professional

  12. Master chef: eat shit boomer

    Doom guy: well, now i have to eat your brain

  13. I really love how doom guy just looks at the camera in shock after being called a boomer just before going chimp mode and take off master chef's face.

  14. I mean… Samus can't exactly spare a hand if she's like me every sunday morning whenever I wake up with my hand stuck in a pringles can. You start to ask why its there while you question your decisions in life.

  15. This made me so happy, thanks for making this

  16. Are we just going to ignore the Microsoft Sam voice used for Chief? Literally acually the l33test voice 2 use

  17. How can Samus play with one good hand?

  18. so in many Metroid games
    Samus does use her arm cannon to interact with various things

    perhaps she could mod a DS to have one of those ports (such as the ones on the energy refills seen in Super Metroid or Metroid: Samus Returns) and be able to play games more easily

  19. Halo man is the only boomer shooter who doesnt realize he is a boomer shooter

  20. Like how Samus can never use her right hand for anything normal.

  21. The Shooter Legends
    The doom guy
    Master chief
    Gordon freeman

  22. just found your videos today, holy shit you rock dude! your animation style is so accurate to the hardware you base it on, and the easter eggs and details like chief and samus' hud is awesome!

  23. this needs probaly be the series

  24. The doom marine would be absolutely toast if chief was given the order to kill him

  25. I Love How Gordon is Just Still Playing Like Nothing is Happening While Samus Realizes She Only Has One Hand And As Doom Guy Beats Up Master Chief, Perfectly Chaotic

  26. Wouldn't the slayer be considered a "Doomer"?? 😏😏😏😏

  27. This is a very early 2010’s video.

  28. Master Chief: Daisy?
    Master Chief: Because It written on your the armour

  29. The only thing that could make this better is if Ranger was there too

  30. So we know Doomguy mains Spire, who does Gorden and Chief main?

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