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GAME BOYS Full Trailer

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Scott and Ray are two old school video game geeks who spend the majority of their days playing Nintendo and reminiscing about the 80’s. But when Scott is dumped by his girlfriend, the two devise a plan to take Scott’s mind off of the drama. With the help of their friend Steve, the boys seek out the rare Atari porno game “Custer’s Revenge” in an attempt to hold a contest to see who can get past 5000 points, all while Scott desperately tries to woo the attention of Sally, the beautiful game store employee.

“Game Boys” is the first full length feature comedy from Stoned Gremlin Productions, the makers of the psychological thrillers “Freak Out,” “Cheap,” and “Midnight Heat.”

Coming to YouTube this Winter.

Brad Jones – Scott
Alex Shryock – Ray
Bianca Queen – Sally
Jake Norvell – Steve
Nick Foster – Art
Tori Zimmerli – Nora
Jerrid Foiles – Carter
Mike Rudolph – Richardson

Copyright 2008.
Stoned Gremlin Productions
Girls With Guns Productions
Written and Directed by Brad Jones
Produced by Bianca Queen


  1. Brad, is this on dvd? I loved this movie, and since I can't watch it on your site anymore, I'd totally throw drown some cash for it. I can see if you're worried about getting sued for all the music, though…


  3. Dude I totally need to see this movie five stars

  4. I'm looking more forward to this release than the upcoming Bond film.

  5. Wait, i'm confused. Where's the serial killer? Does Nick die?

  6. Hey! That's me @ 2:34! I'm the guy on the right throwing that dude out! I remember you guys. You guys really helped us out of a really hard time that day. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Brad, I don't WANT to know what a blaster master is. MCM

  8. I find it kind of brave of Ray to actually admit that he's a fucking moron. :p

  9. I want this movie…now….please? I want a copy.

  10. haha woah this is gona be cool hehe
    i cant wait to see it =]
    when will you guys be finished?

  11. Hillarious movie. Clerks meets Vintage Video Game geeks

  12. I agree with everyone else, I need to see this

  13. oh dude being a vdeo game reviewer this movie look funny as fuck.

  14. Awww the fun times in Springfield, IL. 🙂

  15. totally found my way to your film via a distant friend and only want you to consider using less abrupt cutting of your film. It is almost like you are using jump cuts but they aren't that quick and I felt a lil motion sick after a while lol. Slow is good sometimes… dissolves, fades, wipes… you should totally try them out next time!

  16. Just finished this movie, I was dying laughing!
    Out of curiosity what did Jillian think of Brad kissing another woman? lol

  17. i thought it was great
    all the video game references, the well timed humor
    and i lauged at every seen with jake in it
    5 stars

  18. I wish there was a dvd of this. I would pay for it.

  19. Yeah, oh well. I'll hold out for the day when I can trade him a bottle of crystal pepsi for a copy.

  20. Well their group is called stoned gremlins.

  21. This movie is better than 95% of the "comedies" in theaters today.

  22. Out of all of Brad's shot-on-shiteo movies, THIS one's my favorite.

  23. Wow. Brad was right. The video quality on the trailer IS better than the actual movie on the site.

  24. Out of all of Brad's shot on shitteo movies, pre-TGWTG, this one's my favorite.

  25. I never knew they had a youtube channel almost 10 years ago.

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