Game Boy, NES, Super NES – September 2023 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online -

Game Boy, NES, Super NES – September 2023 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo Switch Online members can now play four more classic games, three of which were originally released in Japan only and never translated to English. Check out the newly added titles and discover the Japanese versions of a few old-school games!

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  1. Back to garbage lol retro achievements laughs at your 4 winds 😂

  2. Just give us Mario Party 3 on N64 already! Been nearly a year since it was first announced that it was coming. 🫤

  3. Meanwhile zero mission and smash bros still haven’t made their way to nso

  4. This may be because both games were developed by Titus, but I wonder if a majority of the staff also worked on that Hercules game where "Stroller" is considered an occupation? The spritework seems quite familiar…

  5. I love that they added JP Exclusive games, I just with they took the time to translate it to English.

  6. pls make Mario Wonder Demo? 😊

  7. one question where are the good games they have them I know they them played em as a kid so why don't they put the good ones out are they trying to get people to cancel there scripts i just don't know.

  8. Kirby Star Stacker: I'm a kirby fan, not a puzzle game fan. But Kirby mixed with puzzle games? Sounds aight. Might play
    Quest for Camelot: A Warner Bros game on a nintendo online service that i might never play? How cool! Also Titus sounds like the name of an arm cramp.
    Super Awesome Field Day!: This looks like it'd be fun to play with friends. Dont have any though so I wouldn't know.

  9. The future is bright… Heh… But only for me… Heh heh… They who oppose me will see a dark future… Heh heh…

  10. Cool hoping to see more popular Nintendo games like Pokemon and Mario to be added there lol

  11. Kirby’s Super Star Stacker??? Never thought I’d get to play that game, but I’m hyped!! 😀

  12. por esto nintendo le hizo guerra a los roms, para cobrar 10 dolares

  13. Heh heh… They still think they can oppose me and my army?.. Heh heh… What fools… I am The Wolf King… They are so weak it isn't even worth taking them on myself… My henchmen will do the job for me… Heh heh…

  14. Kinda feel like these platforms are Nintendos way of just dumping the lesser know or not well bought games from their older platforms. Give us the good stuff Nintendo

  15. Joy Mech is a good time. Completing “Level 1” was like learning that DK’94 continued beyond the original levels.

  16. Heh heh… So you plan on defeating me? Heh… Ohh… How foolish… Heh heh… I am The Wolf King… I am undefeated… Heh… We'll see who will be the one being defeated… Heh… We'll see…


  18. Does anyone else want licensed games for NES, SNES, GB/GBC, N64, Sega Genesis, or GBA ?

  19. Why tf is the Game Boy tie in game for a bad movie on the service? Wasn't that film such a critical and box office bomb that the N64 version was cancelled and Warner Bros cut the marketing budget for their next animated movie which ended up being The Iron Giant? What's next, Wayne's World on the Snes?!

  20. Now with the online subscription, can I play the newer Super Mario games, or do I still have to buy them? Thank you

  21. Heh heh… So they think they can anger me… Heh heh… They'll see… They'll all see…..

  22. I'm so happy that joy mech fight is on Nintendo switch online.and i really hope sukapon becomes a character in smash

  23. It's great to see new games that I can't play because my NSO is gonna expire since I'm broke due to medical leave for cancer surgery and the Canadian government taking much longer than 3 business days (nearly 2 months) to get back to me about disability since I'm not an immigrant. And if I told them I'm White, I bet it's because of that too. And I'm a man.

    But I can't bet anything because I have to save the money I do have in order to pay the government back the student assistance I no longer need because I'm dropping out of college.

  24. i was very happy to see that they added super star stacker! 😀

  25. Sonic Advance 1 2 And 3
    And Warioware Twisted For Game Boy Advance Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 64

  26. Nintendo can you guys please make mother 3 available in game boy advance online I am tired of using an emulator to play it

  27. Good to see Nintendo putting Japanese exclusive games on the service. Can we get the Japan exclusive Fire Emblem games now, please?

  28. I finally dont have to emulate these game on my switch

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