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GAME BOY Games That Will Always Be Enjoyable – Retro Bird

Retro Bird
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Not everyone loves the Game Boy, but could they? I go over which Game Boy games I think stand the best chance of turning somebody into a Game Boy fan as well as which games I think are timeless.

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  1. Loved Gameboy! Was the greatest thing when it came out! Still cool now!
    Fun video 😃

  2. I never cared for the actual Game Boy (or any hand-held console for that matter) but I've loved my Super Game Boy ever since I got it as a kid (now I have a Super Game Boy 2 board inside a Super Game Boy 1 cart). My collection for it has always been the same 3 games: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Metroid II: Return of Samus, and the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (my favorite of the 3).

  3. I love Tetris on the GB and I like the fact that the GB is region free

  4. Wario land was soo good. I would add Metroid II to this list, but thats just me.

  5. Dude, i get such a chuckle out of these videos. Keep it up sir

  6. You certainly picked some good ones. I'd also have to recommend Pokemon, Super Mario Land 2, and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

  7. Tetris, Mario Kart, THPS, GTA, Street Fighter

  8. Don't forget that the Game Boy Advance plays regular Game Boy and Game Boy color games, so you can take advantage of a rechargeable battery and, on the SP, a backlit screen. The DS has the right cartridge slot, but it only supports Advance games.

  9. I'd add a couple, kid Icarus, amazing penguin, mole mania, which music you used funny enough, and Kirby pinball!

    Edit: just heard mole mania shout out at the end lol

  10. I can't pick one game. Here's my list of games I would recommend though. Pokemon Blue, Motocross Maniacs, Heiankyo Alien, Game & Watch Gallery, Final Fantasy Adventure and Pac-Man.

  11. I really like to play the Game & Watch Gallery games on Gameboy, particularly the first one. It's actually my goto game for the gameboy since you can pause the game, turn the game off, and then resume the game next time you power it back on. That and they have Super Gameboy support too.

  12. Burger time deluxe is a good gb game along with Tetris Blast in fight mode . If you can get 100 lines in regular Tetris it’s time for a fight challenge. Probably my favorite Tetris mode .
    HONORABLE Mention—- Navy Seals . If you play navy seals press select and a sniper picks off everyone on the screen. Maybe not for new comers but a great budget game.

  13. I kind of like the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle series.

  14. I never had a GameBoy. Never wanted one. Why would I want to game in monochrome? What am I, a dog? (Thanks, Sega. Brilliant commercial).
    I jumped in on the GBA. I still have it and play it.

  15. Oh and legend of the river king gb on super Gameboy has a better color palette vs the gbc version. IMO

  16. the original Kirby's dreamland is one I play regularly. It only takes around an hour or so, so I can just jump into it and finish the game in one sitting when im in the mood.

  17. I found a patch for 6 Golden Coins that colorizes it like a DX type of deal. Looks incredible. I love the aesthetic of GBC art and color. Big fan of the GBC Dragon Quest games as well as Link's Awakening DX.

  18. Donkey Kong 94' is THE best game boy game. So much content packed into a little cartridge. Gave Mario more moves in his kit that are still used in his modern games.

  19. Came here just to recommend Picross. Welll, Picross 2 actually, which was Japan only but can be had cheap on eBay.

  20. This video scratches me right where I itch!

  21. I really like space ship shooter games. So definitely games like:
    Solar Striker
    Xenon 2
    But I also really like Kirby's Dreamland and Pokemon Gold and Tetris.

  22. I love the Game Boy…just not so much on the handheld. It's gotta be on a television with a controller for me! Since you mentioned import games I would like to nominate a couple Japanese exclusives for consideration – Chalvo 55 and Noobow are amazing GB games.

  23. The GameBoy was one of those cases where I didn't know I wanted one until I got it. It wasn't until my dad got me and my sister a GameBoy Color in the late 90's, and that led me to becoming obsessed with obtaining GameBoy and GameBoy Color games. Some of my favorites on the original is Operation C, Donkey Kong, Link's Awakening, Wario Blast and Super Mario Land 2!

  24. Well you shouted out all my go-to GB games so not much for me to add. But I will say on the note of GB games still being cheap, pretty sure that Belmonts revenge cart you have there is now around the $100 mark 😅 darn good game tho.
    Also I’m desperate to get my GBC modded with a backlight 🤩

  25. I did not have a Game Boy when I was a kid, nor did I want one. I had a Lynx and I was more than happy with that. My step-brother had one so I did play one fairly often. My favorites back then were Super Mario Land, Bubble Ghost, and Boxxle.

  26. What a timely and fantastic video! I actually just recently have jumped back into my GameBoy collection to revisit some games in my collection. I think the only game I haven't played in your list was Catrap, but it sounds fun! I love the GameBoy games due to just their simple pick up and play style.

    You've already mentioned most of my favorites, but I'd add a few more like Kirby's Pinball Land, Pokémon (I will admit I prefer the remakes, though), Gargoyle's Quest, Metroid II (again, this one has some archaic design improved by the modern remakes, but still a good game), Adventure Island 1 & 2, and Duck Tales.

    The GameBoy was basically a portable monochrome NES and developers like Nintendo and Capcom knew how to shrink NES games down to port them to the Game Boy!

  27. You can never go wrong with Mario, Zelda, Mega Man, Contra, pretty much the same classics on NES. The Gameboy versions are just as fun to play. Donkey Kong '94 is fantastic. Easily one of the best games on the system.

  28. I like this type of video! I hope we get to see other retro handhelds and console favorite discussion videos!

  29. Super C in the super gameboy on a Super Nintendo

  30. You got it! I have 3 of the games you presented.(4 if you count Megaman) I'm studing the possibility of buying either a gamegear, an atary lynx or a gameboy color. In the end I think I'm going for an gbaSP just for the sake of Ghosts and Goblins.

  31. I also have a green gameboy. Good times.

  32. Ghostbuster and Burguer Time Deluxe are also really amazing!

  33. Great list! I was gonna call out Mole Mania … then you did. LoL Donkey Kong and Mole Mania are my go to GB games.

  34. I'm the proud champ of mortal kombat on game boy. It was cool I guess. Frame rate and hit detection was trash but it's fun it's own way

  35. Dope video as always Bird, thanks for the recommendation about Catrap, I actually didn't know about that game.

  36. I think Wario Land 2 is also a good recommendation, I've only played the Game Boy Color version but I know there's one for the OG as well.

  37. That's one of the pros of the gameboy library; most games are easy to hop in and play in short bursts. Easy, quick, fun. I can always go for some megaman 4 and 5, Link's Awakening, Tetris, Donkey Kong 94, Motocross Maniacs, Hammerin' Harry, Nemesis(Gradius), R-Type etc. Gameboy's kinda my thing.

  38. Man, I never had a Game Boy. My wee bro had one, but my early handheld game experiences were all those fucked up Tiger pieces of shit, in particular the Mega Man 2 monstrosity. Man, that shit sucked.

  39. Metroid 2, Donkey Kong, and Zelda Link's Awakening are the golden trio for the gameboy.

  40. Gameboy is my all time favorite console. I'd love to see a GB hidden gems video from you!

  41. Ahhh, the Game Boy. What an important piece of my childhood! I've lost all my Game Boys long ago, but thanks to modern tech and smart people, I can take every fun GB game ever made with me anywhere and have lots of features that would've been super to have back then, like a BACKLIT SCREEN!!! And a night mode color palette, save states, fast-forward, screenshots, etc.
    If I was trying to sell someone on the GB, I would recommend Kirby's Block Ball. Secondary game I'd recommend is QIX. Fun fact: I didn't even grow up with those games. I found them in my late 20s. They're so good. If I was a kid making recommendations, I'd probably pick Battle Arena Toshinden and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

    Thanks for the laughs, RB! Your comedy is gold… like a golden banana from DK. 😀

  42. 7:19 Just don't call it the "Bum Bash"; people will assume you hate the homeless. "Clunge Drop" is an acceptable substitute, though.
    10:32 The 2019 Switch remake pretty much showed how much of Link's Awakening – the original and the GBC rerelease, Link's Awakening DX – was already perfect. The only problem was how few buttons the Game Boy offered for how many items the game demanded.

  43. Yeah I hate castlevanias flying enemies too

  44. I would say pokemon will always be a fun game

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