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GAME BOY Games That Will Always Be Enjoyable – Retro Bird

Retro Bird
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Not everyone loves the Game Boy, but could they? I go over which Game Boy games I think stand the best chance of turning somebody into a Game Boy fan as well as which games I think are timeless.

GAME BOY Games That Will Always Be Enjoyable – Retro Bird / Nintendo Game Boy Games That Are Still Worth Playing / Game Boy Games That Are Still Fun / Game Boy Games That Don’t Suck / Handheld Nintendo Game Boy Games

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  1. Kirby had a strong presence on the original Game Boy. And Kirby Star Stacker in particular is a lot of fun. It’s very Tetris-like, but easy to get obsessed, at least in my experience. Oh, also can’t forget Mario’s Picross.

  2. So many great games on the gameboy mario/wario zelda Kirby donkey Kong Pokémon final fantasy castlevania mega man double dragon just to name a few

  3. Wait, hold on a minute!!! People actually complain in your comments about how you play specific games in your game footage ?! What a bunch of jerks.

  4. been trying to get Copy of Kirby's Adventure for a-bit now..get it Bit??
    hahaha XD

  5. You can borrow my Gameboy for the weekend if you let me borrow a couple nes games Retro Bird. We can trade back on Monday at school!

  6. Going to Edit where I said the Gb Advance Sp. Actually for Gameboy games you are better off getting the Gameboy Color instead for 1 major reason. Batteries. The GB advance Sp has a built in battery. That's not good overtime because it can die out & you would need a specific type of battery to replace it, if you do find one like that. On the other hand the Gameboy Color you can get any 2 double A rechargeable batteries, very great ones at that, lasting you 30 hours.

    1.Super Mario Land
    2. TMNT Fall of The Foot Clan
    3. Lock & Chase
    4. F1 Race
    5. Kirby's Dream Land
    6. RoboCop
    7. Tiny Toon Adventure Bab's Big Break
    8. Batman
    9. Operation C
    10. Double Dragon 2.

  7. Game Boy was my first system and it was such a blast. Think I originally got Tetris, TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan, and Metroid II, and all of them still hold up when I play them today. Though my favorite game on the Game Boy was Battletoads, played that forever until I could do that motorcycle section first time every time. Really liked the Wizards and Warriors game on Game Boy too. Played the hell out of Dr Mario on it too. Thanks for the Cattrap recommendation BTW, that game looks awesome and I have never heard of it. Always pays off subscribing to this channel, especially after you got me turned on to Rocket Knight Adventures.

  8. I still haven't joined the gameboy club yet…

  9. Honestly the original links awakening is better than the remake. They just ruined the fluid jumping of roc’s feather so bad. Everything feels so stiff too.

  10. What mod do you have on the green Game Boy? I believe you’ve answered this before but can’t find the video where you did. It looks amazing 👍

  11. My Super Game Boy is essentially just a SNES copy of Kirby's Pinball Land at this point. I can't remember the last time I used it for anything else. It's such a quick and peppy little game, and trying to beat all the bosses is really addictive. I think Kirby typically has more appeal as a silly little game than some big home console platformer, and I there's no example that resonates with me more than Pinball Land. (HAL's Revenge of the Gator is worth trying too if you just can't get enough Kirby's Pinball Land)

  12. 97 was my year of Gameboy ownership. I still have it and it still works. Ice blue pocket edition. Killer instinct on gameboy was the best version ever

  13. Literally just got done playing Tetris. What a classic

  14. on gb i played Double dragon,double dribble, zelda,megman series, castlevania,bugs bunny crazy castles, these are all black and white version of the GB .

  15. Get to the point cut out the jokes and the filler

  16. I would recommend Kirby's Star Stacker for a fun falling block puzzle game. Cave Noire for a rougelike experience. Zen Intergalactic Ninja for a bit easier Castlevania like action. Gargoyles Quest for some Zelda 2 like gated exploration. And last but not least Ninja Gaiden Shadow, not as hard as the NES counterparts but its so good!

  17. Final Fantasy Adventure is probably my favorite Game Boy game that doesn't tend to make short favorites lists.

  18. Dragon Warrior Monsters on my blue Game Boy Pocket is easily one of my best gaming experiences. And also reaching Wario for the very first time in SML2.

  19. Pokemon Red/Blue are my go to and always have been. I'm team yellow, but alas that's GBC. The Gameboy is so good

  20. Love the gameboy. Have 5 DMGs. 2 CIB. Probably my largest collection of loose and CIB games is for the Gameboy (not including color or advance games). Got Mario Picross 2 for 100 yen, and it lasted my about 8-9 months on my commute. Lots of levels and variations in some of the rules in the different stages (and the Wario Picross levels you unlock work a little different as well). Tons of other great classics as well. It's a great little system with games that still hold up today. I'd also recommend the Kirby Games (2 platformers, puzzle game, and pinball), Metroid 2, Kid Icarus 2, and the Final Fantasy games which were actually the first Secret of Mana game or the Saga games. If you have a flash cart check our Trip World for a really polished little game. It didn't get a US release, but it's a great.

  21. Nice to see someone talk about the Gameboy without mentioning Pokemon. XD.

  22. I was a Lynx kid but always coveted friends’ game boys due to the sheer volume and quality of the games (and battery life). Micro machines was a strong contender and since I got my own a few years ago Ghostbusters 2 is a great pick up and play. But for nostalgia can’t beat the first 2 Marios and Tetris

  23. I am still fascinated how fantastic graphics on the Gameboy look. I mean, they had a limited colour palette and keeping back in mind that the GameGear had more during that time, it is just mind blowing what the developers have reached on the Gameboy.

    My all-time favourite is my very first Gameboy game and that's WWF Superstars. I am a big Ultimate Warrior fan and listening to his entrance music was awesome.
    Other games that I count "all-time favourites" are:
    – TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan
    – Kirby's Adventure
    – Double Dragon 2
    – Kwirk
    – Mario Land 2
    – Tiny Toon Adventures
    – Probotector (Aka as Contra)
    – Gargoyle's Quest

    What I love about most games, you can finish them in 1 hr. Yes, the Gameboy has a special place in my heart and how amazing it was to "upgrade" that big boy with all the accessories 😂.

    And at least a great "flashback journey" with your vid again. The questions on the end let your vid feel special, and not just consuming. And as much as I love the questions, I love other people responses here. It's like finding new treasures with your recommendations❤️👍.

    Ah, and BTW. of course I would have shared my Gameboy with you😊.

  24. I never thought I’d ever hear the words “but,” “play,” and “Wario” in the same sentence. No thank you.

  25. Gameboy was a game changer. Road trips as a kid were never the same.

  26. Donkey Kong on the GB was wonderful. After completing ALL the arcade levels (including the cement factory…I'm looking at you NES) you open up a world map where you play levels of Mario vs. DK puzzles.

    Also you get a spiffy arcade cabinet border on the Super Gameboy!

  27. Ah yes the gameboy. I love this system. I wanted one sooo badly but my parents never wanted to buy me something that was just for gaming back in those days. After a buddy of mine got a gameboy color his mom talked to my mom and I got his old OG brickboy. After my mom expirienced the most convinient way to play tetris ever she changed her mind about gaming and just 2 years later I got a brand new Gameboy Advance.

  28. Pokemon red and blue was the gameboy poster boy, but aged poorly, same with other pokemon games or many RPGs. 

    For me, the gameboy games that aged like wine are Wario Land 2 and 3, Mario Tennis Gameboy, Zelda Ages/ Oracles and DX, pocket color block (dragon dance in other countries ), donkey kong country gbc, Bomberman Adventure and Bugs and Lola Bunny Operation Carrot Rescue (is actually a good game and one of the most impressive graphically for the Gameboy., it looks almost an early Sega Genesis game).

    That is my game collection and the pokemon games. I love the memories and nostalgia trip from pokemon yellow and gold, but for me is impossible to go back to the old pokemon games.

  29. Wario. its 100% about wario for gameboy. hands down. Wario platformers >> Mario platformers.

  30. It is not for me… Bad visuals, screen and horrible off key sound. Of course there are good games, but I would much rather choose another device to play games on.

  31. i like remixing every video you make into a music mix choosing random phrases played back repeatedly

  32. Wario was the first game I got with my GameBoy! So many great memories with that one.

  33. "Yoshi" on the Game Boy has always been one of my favorite puzzle games. There's something magical about making an egg from a column and seeing a Yoshi come out every time.

  34. Ive been searching deep within the gameboy library and my favourites besides the totally obvious ones are:
    Mole Mania
    Seiken Densetsu
    KWIRK 10/10 best game ever

  35. Game Boy is a very underrated system to collect and has so many great games!!! My favorites to play are:

    Super Mario Land
    Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
    Metroid 2 – Return of Samus
    Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong Land II
    Donkey Kong Land III
    F-1 Race
    Super RC Pro-AM
    Kirby’s Pinball Land
    Dr. Mario
    Tecmo Bowl
    Play Action Football
    Mortal Kombat II

  36. Great video, thanks for shedding some light on the old GB. I had one when I was a kid, I had Star Wars and Tetris. It just never grabbed me quite like console games on the TV. Recently during the covid heavy lockdown in March 2020, I got my hacked NES classic full of the GameBoy library and played a bunch of random games. One night I got really drunk and played this puzzle game called Boxxle for hours it was actually pretty fun.

  37. I was and am a Sega fan, but I will say… I had an original Gameboy then a Gameboy Advance.

    Why did I as a Sega fan buy two Nintendo portables? *POKEMON*. All the other kids around me were going wild about it and I had to have one. My parents accommodated me there, they're awesome like that. I shared an original Gameboy and copy of Pokemon Yellow with my two brothers. A little later on, I got given my own copy of Pokemon Red and a Gameboy Advance (the small flip phone like one.)

  38. I love the gameboy library, although I never actually had one. I had several gameboy games though, and since I had a couple gbas I just thought of them as the funny shaped games that had a different beep when they started up lol.

  39. Wario Land 2 gets my vote. Multiple paths through levels and you can't really die, so it's good for kids. For years I couldn't figure out how I'd gotten to a certain path in the game, because while I was playing my mom called me and when I looked at the gameboy again, there I was. Years later I found out that if you do nothing in the beginning and Wario stays asleep for a few seconds, and you don't press a button, you find a secret "exit" to the stage, where he slept through the whole thing.

  40. Playing Operation C on my OG gameboy at the moment with the Gameboy light and I love it 😀 🙌

  41. Links Awakening for Zelda fans, Super Mario Land 2 for Mario fans, Metroid II for Metroid fans, Pokemon R/B/Y for Pokemon fans, Castlevania II for Castlevania fans, Kirby's Dream Land for Kirby fans, Final Fantasy Adventure for Mana fans, and so on. Odds are there is a GameBoy game for everyone.

  42. I'm in the club of don't have and don't want a gameboy. Could just use an emulator if I'm itching to play some old classics but chances are i don't have the time due to my huge backlog of current gen games to play and work

  43. I fell into the wanted one category. Did anyone else wake up from a dream where there parents got them one, thought it was real, went looking for it and was told by mom, what??? No course I didn’t… just me? Two friends actually let me play on one briefly! Feel ur pain tho man. Great video keep up the good work

  44. Mole Mania has a lot of memories for me. My first girlfriend Reba gave me her Mole Mania game for my 13th birthday. I played it going back to Disney World, and played it while at my sister's graduation.

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