FPL GAMEWEEK 8 WILDCARD GUIDE | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022/23 - playknightdefender.com

FPL GAMEWEEK 8 WILDCARD GUIDE | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022/23

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In this video I discuss the FPL Wildcard for Gameweek 8.
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00:00 Should you Wildcard GW8
03:32 GW8 Wildcard Draft
13:53 Delay until GW9
18:57 GW9 Wildcard Draft
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  1. As a West ham fan, I'd stay clear of our defenders, and if you are going to have one, I'd go Emerson for the price, also bowen isn't worth the money he is on fpl at the moment

  2. 15:49 it pains me you missed a golden oppotunity for a trippier pun….

  3. the potential PTSD of having to go Ward and Iversen again… maybe one more chance 🤔 keep up the great work Andy!!

  4. Forlans and Paqueta are better than having Andreas and Bowen

  5. Saint Max injury is going to force me to wildcard at this point 🙃

  6. I have 7.6 mil do I got Bernardo or gundogan and then change to zaha after the next two weeks not sure who is better for that value

  7. I’m feeling isak over mitrovitch not sure if that’s unpopular

  8. If I got with KDB and Perisic I can get back to salah and Trent easily but if I go with Kane and Bowen it will take me 3 transfers to get Trent back…guess it's how bad will I want Trent back.

  9. I have 2 free transfers and am thinkin of taking a -4 and bringing in 3 players for GW8 and then wildcard in GW9. So for GW8 would you rather bring in Isak, Son and perisic OR Kane, bowen and Perisic?

  10. I'm a arsenal fan, is Harry kane a necessity or would KDB be a better option for next 3 game weeks?

  11. Why City Arsenal would be off in gameweek 12?

  12. I don’t have wc anymore and I don’t even have enough players for gw8💀

  13. I find it odd that absolutely nobody is discussing using the free hit chip this GW considering we’re getting another one confirmed due to the recent cancellations

  14. As if you don’t play Isak for a home Bournemouth game

  15. I activated my wildcard,




    I'm not at all convinced of Maddison or Bowen but I need a placement holder for Zaha who comes in after Palace play Chelsea. That also gives me funds to bring Salah back after GW12 or so. Bowen is a major punt but there are plenty of easy downgrades to other players so I'm fine with that. Maddison to Zaha feels pretty much confirmed after GW9

  16. Is Bernardo a decent Man City option in the midfield? This also allows room for Kane up front? I am not really inclined to bring back Salah before GW 12

  17. Andy: Brentford away doesn't seem too bad
    Man United:

  18. Liverpool is the thing Andy’s holding onto this season lol

  19. Unpopular opinion but i like Fabinanski, Emerson, Trippier , Cancelo and Perisic at the back and move Perisic to James GW10. Or just go with James and bench. Just fancy perisic Vs Leicester 🤔

  20. Anyone had the same problem where the wildcard glitches and deducts you points?

  21. Anyone thought about diego costa great price ?

  22. Huge differentials this week….going to be a very interesting FPL GW…… RIP template

  23. I could get a full eleven that I'm quite happy with (except Neto against City) with one -4. I think i'll push the WC to 9.

  24. i have 6 players in my team that arent playing and at this point i cant really do anything else except wildcard

  25. I’m just having fun, taking a couple of punts, then I’ll WC in GW12 to get Liverpool back in after their tricky little run

  26. This team is awesome, but as it is, it is too expensive, cannot fit medium midfielders

  27. I’m having a hard time choosing between Toney and Isak, Toney more safe and isak higher ceiling with the better games

  28. Why would you not just play “Free Hit”?

  29. I know liverpool fixtures are bad but with robertson out for a month, wouldn't tsimikas be a great option at 4.5?
    the 3 mil saved from TAA is used to get 3 forwards

    I'm unsure about justin. yeah good fixtures but their CS rate is ultra low since last season

  30. Can we just play a free hit to get this week done and then fixtures will normalise?

  31. This guy has a serious aversion to saying Haaland is the best captain in a given week.

  32. I can easily save my wildcard and still have a decent team for a few game weeks but I now want to capitalise on getting salah out and getting kane in with some other good transfers, what should I do?

  33. Hi, who is better for wildcard, KDB or Kane? Thanks.

  34. I was all decided about transfer salah to Son…but then I saw tottenham game against Sporting… I really think son will be benched… The Same with perisic

  35. I don’t get why you’d still have the leicester combo… “good fixtures” they leak goals and can’t defend right now, all the fixtures you named they will probably concede in, just cause the fixtures are green doesn’t make them good options. The way they’re playing atm they’ll concede 6 to City.

  36. I think that GW8 wildcard templates are generally short sighted

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