forcing the boys to hunt ghosts at 3am -

forcing the boys to hunt ghosts at 3am

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  1. "The ghost was a f**king wraith. We suck at this game." LOL

  2. It was very wholesome when narrator turned into a ghost holding a cup and juicy was happy that was fucking wholesome

  3. Random Meme: Me and the boys at 3AM looking for BEANS
    Mully: Me and the boys at 3AM looking for GHOSTS

  4. I fell off my fluffing bed laughing ow 😂😅😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆

  5. Why does juicy sound like Shia Lebouf sometimes, or is it just me lol

  6. 18:51 sounds like the theme of the slumbering wield in Pokémon sword and shield

  7. 18:17 its like when Sheperd betray Ghost and Roach, the radio goes off when its to late.

  8. Narrator: Let me just drink my CHOCKY milk, And then just die lol.

  9. Why dint narrator when he was deaf he dint grab the camera and you guys look in van and see

  10. 𖦹𝕞𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕞𖦹 says:

    This ghost shit is fucking scary plus my house is fuckin haunted!🥲

  11. Boom boom boom juicy cry's like a bitch
    Mully laughing all the way!
    Boom boom boom narrator don't give a damn!
    Mully laughing all the way !

  12. That was awesome! Laughed way too hard at ghost Narrator communicating with a coffee cup.

  13. Juicy sounded like a gorrila when you guys said run to the dorr

  14. What game is this I couldn't find it on oculus quest 2

  15. 0:20
    are you sure it’s at 3 am? I mean like on the side of narrator there is a clock that’s said 5 a.m not 3 am, 5 am.

  16. Dude I like how none saw the breath and so that’s cold breath

  17. this vidoi was ten days before my birthday

  18. the weird part is that my dads name is Mark Taylor

  19. Mully. Even though it's been a year, there's a reason to stay in the van(you probably know this though) for ghost orbs.

  20. Genshin Impact was the ad for me lmao and Eddie was on the face cam lol
    best ad ever

  21. Juicy "We're just hunting a door to door salesman?"

  22. Juicy seeing the ghost on the camera just before Mully dies was hilarious!

  23. Who knew Narrator would become Patrick Swayze and Juicy would become Whoopie Goldberg in some wish version of Ghost half way through lol

  24. You guys need to make scary movies 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Even as a ghost, Narrator remains wholesome.

  26. Haunting a evil Door to Door salesman Is basicaly hunting spamton

  27. I love how ghost is hunting so you just run to the locked door and try it open it

  28. What's the game name? I searched up VR horror cause thats What they call it on the boys channel but it didn't show up As a game

  29. I just got done watching Eddie play this game.i died of laughter and i did here to.

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