Football U17 Boys Final - Assam Vs Mizoram | Khelo India Youth Games 2020 -

Football U17 Boys Final – Assam Vs Mizoram | Khelo India Youth Games 2020

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Football U17 Boys Final between Assam and Mizoram at Khelo India Youth Games 2020.


  1. India ram hi chu o .. football hi Kan lo thiamlo tlang Ani e

  2. Indian player cu ball confidence kn neilo sa bawk nen..anla naupan vag ge Mizo hi anva confi lo ve..bawl an khoih rei gamlo reg2..cuan mizo coach au dan em2 hi a diklo tran vaga a chhe thei agbera hauh vak2 kha atrullo

  3. Nicodin narzary is not assamesse player he is bodo player BTR(ASASAM) KA hai halicharan narzary and durga sheme community

  4. Wow 6-1 and 8-2 scorelines against Punjab and Bihar🙄😶

  5. Assam..hmm…Their playing style is….uffff….we used to played better when we were just 15…looks like children playing…i remember that we will shot the ball towards the aginst team's D-Box n one of our guy will be there to score a goal😅😅🤦🏻‍♂️ this is why we INDIAN can't qualify for WC

  6. Mizoram , Indian football 🔥🔥🔥

  7. So mizoram kicks assam in every field

  8. Assam team like indian cricket team final jitna bhul gaya

  9. North East is hub of Indian football 👊🧡

  10. Long live mizoram down2 assam

  11. Mizo an thiam mahse physical ah leh ball pass, lob, through, a la chhe hle. Football game zeizia hi kan man hrim² a

  12. Well done Mizoram, ilove Mizoram 🙏🏼👍⚽⚽

  13. Always Assam rocks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Joi aai axom👑👑
    Joi aai axom 💎💎
    Joi aai Axom 💪💪

  14. Assam had been impressive the whole season, but lost in the final. Still Hats Off To Them.
    It's just like the same case with India in the World T20 2014.

  15. Leon Ngaihte Official(Lyrics Status short video) says:

    Assam played very well 😅

  16. Mizoram know to the japan of India…🥰🥰

  17. In the senior level, they always fail to perform. In the senior tournament once again it was West Bengal and Kerala that played the final.
    In the ongoing women's tournament surprise package came up. Most of the north eastern teams are sent out by other states. Indian football is moving ahead. The entire country is improving.

  18. Remember this is a khelo youth tournament. Not a national championship.
    In the National championship Assam n mizoram has never ever reached semi final also. There is a big difference between youth n National championship.
    Recently senior Santosh trophy final was played between West Bengal and Kerala.
    Senior women's tournament had Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Kerala, Punjab performing way better than any one.
    Manipur, Meghalaya, mizoram being knock out at quater final, semifinals stages. Odisha has beaten north-east teams in every age levels.

    Overall it's a good new for Indian football. All states are coming up.
    North east is no longer the home of Indian football.
    Most northeastern teams are badly beaten nowadays in every age level

  19. Mizoram is the best team in N.E

  20. Its satisfying to see our north-east being improving in football…..Assam game is good and Mizoram game is impressive…Go go North-East….

  21. Booth teams are good enough provided their level. And both team are from North East

  22. Both played incredibly well.
    Shortly Northeast will produce the international player but there's some erroneous in the judgement of refree

  23. Mizoram hi final 3rd ah an buai deuh ṭhin tih lohah chuan Mizoram game is very beautiful. it’s like a senior game.

    Coach aw ṭha leh au ring tak hian a tihmuhnawm hle bawk😚

  24. Im from Assam and disgusted to see no fair play from the ref. Really poor decisions by the referee, AKASH MEHTA against Mizoram Team. 1. Clear penalty not given in the first half for Mizoram 2. Second half; a malicious tackle from the Assam player studs by the sideline which could have ended someone's carreer but no red card for Assam♦️3. A deliberate handball by Assam inside mizoram's penalty box which was clearly a red card but not even a yellow. REFEREE AKASH MEHTA. Not fit for the job 👍

  25. Assam team bohut durbol khelise attack kora manuh nai

  26. LOL🤣🤣 I CAN literally hear mizos shouting

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