Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - Part 1 -

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Part 1

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Security Breach is HERE!! What horrors lurk in an official free roam Five Nights at Freddy’s game?
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  1. I haven't watched markiplier in so fucking long dude at least 4-5 years

  2. Everytime he draws attention to himself when he shouldn’t makes me cringe and anxious bruh

  3. Himbo freddy and gator dude can respectfully eiffel tower me

  4. The have a lot of fondness for the original game (and FNAF2), because of how much craft Scott Cawthorn put into it, using the tiny budget he had to such great effect. The game oozed style, and it was incredibly terrifying.

    But this? This is a big-budget survival horror game. There's nothing special about this. 80's has been done to death as a theme, giving the robots personalities strips so much horror from the game.

    Not to say that the team wasn't passionate, or didn't care about the property, it's just the absolute antithesis to what the series began as, and lacks everything that made the original game so fascinating and special. The legally distinct, generic 80's song feels like the soul of this game. Nothing new, nothing you've never seen or heard.,

    But it's got puppets that people want to fuck. Yay?

  5. why did it sound like chica said what the f**k 😂

  6. The game intro reminds me of those "cool kids toy" advertisements from the early 2000s

  7. Roxanne is my favorite thanks for believing in her Mark!!

  8. And its like they have a different persona from the fnaf core series characters

  9. "Hehe you're never gonna find me" Moments before disaster

  10. mcgomery gentry didnt happen because of two cats lawes.

  11. i love how they changed the characters up a bit 🙂

  12. Why does Freddy Fazbear sound so much like Mark to me? jkfsdlk

  13. Is it just me. Or does freddy sound like mark when he's calm

  14. I like how in the beginning cutscene the animatronics are like 🎵🎶⚡️✨ and then there’s just Freddy going 💃

  15. i always hate these people
    they got the tech of it

  16. my sister "dont look at me" me plays "dont look at me ILL LOOK AT YOU:

  17. Guys don't look at likes fix them right now

  18. Freddy feels like a homie but way mature

  19. When the Sun jumpscared you i legit just punched my head with my phone, i hate that daycare, it's full of hatred.

  20. Imagine someone named gregory play the game without watching any of the videos for the game when the pc says his name

  21. Mark: Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy
    Me: Nostalgia hit hard!!!

  22. Bruh Gregory is trapped inside of a pizzaria concert place with psychotic animatronics hunting him. And he is still acting like a brat. BRO

  23. They way he just uses the flashlight all the time and uses the battery up, smh

  24. Not freddie doing the freddie mercury pose

  25. So the game is like Alien Isolation. Looks pretty good to me.

  26. love that this game takes place in the future when robots are sentient, giving the series a need for a mcguffin change.
    from children spirits to funny malfunction as one may say.

  27. Me cry laughing at Moon just dancing in place-
    My humor is so broken.

  28. So glad the king is back and gave me an excuse to watch his amazing content again

  29. Markiplier. When I first saw you when I was 8 or 7 I loved your content. You were so happy and full of life. You seem sad to me

  30. I yelled “TAILS FROM SONIC!?” when I heard Greg’s voice

  31. MARK someone made a fnaf cosplay tiktok: when mariplier is the nightguard at sister location allot of cursing I DIED LAUGHING bc it will be so true i will even curse at the robots (i know they arent robots but i cant spell it)

  32. He’s not even excited about it this boring af 😐😐

  33. Moon made me spill my damn coffee on my phone 😭😭😭

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