Film Theory: How to BEAT Homelander (The Boys) -

Film Theory: How to BEAT Homelander (The Boys)

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If you’ve seen The Boys on Amazon Prime you know that Homelander is SUPER powerful. But just how powerful is the flying man with super strength and heat vision? Like, scientifically, how much can Homelander lift, bro? Exactly how fast can he travel? And how extreme is his heat vision? Today, Loyal Theorist, we’re breaking down Homelander’s physical strength but also his BIGGEST weakness. And trust us, you won’t believe what this means for The Boys Season 4.
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    That is all.

  2. are we not going to notice homelander in front of a japanese flag?

  3. 11:45 bro forgot Cristiano and thought we wouldn't notice, that guy holds a number of 627M and you missed him jokes on you

  4. I think that it would be cool/satisfying to see Soldier Boy's blast hit Homelander so he becomes what he thinks he superior to; human.

  5. You are now on the FBI watch list 😮

  6. O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. (Isaiah 25:1 [KJV])

  7. My guess is to have a decent superpower and be able to actually fight.
    Kirby could defeat him without even trying.

  8. i completely forgot that this was how to beat homelander

  9. 🚨🚨How strong is Popeye the Sailor Man?

    I'm very curious about this, and why nobody has done anything on this.

  10. Soldier boy is still alive. They probably figure out that some sort of radioactive power can neutralize compound V. It will be like kryptonite to homelander(and any other supe).

    Another thing I would address is how I pitied him in the entire show. He basically is still a kid, with very human emotions. And has absolutely no one that truly loves him. He feels alone, desperate and emotional. Granted he is actually quite smart and sharp, someone who can trick his mind and emotions can easily control him.

  11. People watching this after his retirement

  12. this is common knowledge for anyone who has seen the show

  13. That’s not a f 16 it’s a harrer jump jet

  14. Homelander "imploding on himself" would result in the deaths of billions before the end…

  15. Ez, homelander is an idiot. Build a trap, lure him in it and set it up with explosives. Design it so the explosives go off instantaneously. But that the room is still capable of containing the blast. If one explosion doesn't work at least you'll have him trapped and you can try again.

    Or you could just starve him. Bros gotta eat.


  17. How to beat Homelander

    Step 1: Drag Omniman and have him fight Homelander

    Step 2: Acknowledge that Omniman isn't going to listen to you, thus killing you and Homelander

  18. in the last episode of "The Boys: Diabolical" we see him move like atrain, where everything stands still and he easily grabs the guns

  19. One thing that bothered me about this episode (and that noone else seems to comment on) is that the calculation for the power output of Homelanders eye beams seems to assume that the hull of the plane is 15 centimeters of solid metal which would mean that that's not a plane but a flying tank. That 15 cm figure probably includes the entire space between the actual outer skin (which is essentially just a surprisingly thin sheet of metal) and the internal lining of the cabin. Most of that space is just empty, except for stuff like the occasional structural element, some wires, tubes and pipes and a bit of thermal insulation and so on.

  20. Just to add onto the part about Homelander's superhuman speed, I also wanna mention that there was a baby in the house as well who would've been caught in the explosion, but was supposedly found 17 miles away. Mention of his powers didn't come up until Season 3 and the report was during Season 2. So on top of saving an average adult man like Butcher, Homelander also saved the more fragile baby.

  21. All you need is to call Omni-man. He would surely teach him a lesson.

  22. Who’s fist is 64 sq in? King Kong?
    Seriously, a really big guy would only be about 15. Your average guy will be half that.

  23. not sure if I would call that a weakness or a good way to beat him

  24. The first thing that bugged me in the boys was such a small detail that it makes me chuckle.
    It is how in the plane, where homelander manages to push through the guys skin, the dude should have just fallen over instead, right?
    Maybe I am missing something like there was a wall behind him or something.

  25. I feel like we've only gotten glimpses of Homelanders power, and i hope he gets unleashed in season 4.

  26. i dont see how making him depressed will make him bleed or weaken his skin

  27. yeah but when superman lifted a car with one finger HOW TF DID HE BALANCE IT

  28. Like in the comics! Catastrophic supe on supe damage! Billy, Soldier, and Huey were getting the right idea done, until Homelander flew away!

  29. The fact you went all political at the end made me unsubscribe. Stick to the source not your brainwashed bs. We get it, you want the world Nuked, not the rest of us. Hope youre still wearing your mask, it's a good depiction of what's going on in your brain.

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