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Fallout – It’s A Blast

The Critical Drinker
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I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but I must admit, Amazon surprised me with Fallout – a pretty decent adaptation of the best selling game series.


  1. Dude, you've missed the mark on this one.

  2. I thought this show did a good in regards to something we all complain about: it showed, it didn't tell.

  3. I can literally tell by the tone of your voice you sold out

  4. Drinker finally sold out huh? Hope it was worth it.

  5. Uh oh, critical drinker's gotten numb to tHe MeSsAgE and is now accepting any old trash…
    I guess, It was a good run dude…

  6. Fallout has actually given me faith that they will start to make good movies and series again i would say what makes it so great and better than the last of is that i would quite happly watch fallout again but not the last of us and that was what made olf movies and tele great you could watch them over and over and not get bored

  7. what are you on about, this series has disrespected fallout in every way and makes fallout 4 look like its written well, you really are just as brain dead as the content you think you're above

  8. I need season 2 i need season 2 i need season 2 i need season 2
    I cant wait mr house

  9. I unsubbed from your channel because of this video. I hope the paycheck from Amazon was worth it you DEI shill.

  10. I unironically feel lied to by this review. I watched this irradiated junk pile on this recommendation and left utterly devoid. This is one of the furthest things I would consider as "a well-written, entertaining show". Character dialogue is terrible; it oozes with millenial progressive writing, horrendously cringe banter, and most exchanges feel as if they were written by AI. 70% of the storylines are filed with plot-holes. Characters, almost literally, shrug off life-threatening injuries. Oh, and "capitalism bad; communists misunderstood" gobbledygook. And this doesn't even broach into the video game lore either. Please, for the love of God, Jesus, and your favorite childhood pet, do not watch this abomination.

  11. I just finished the show and I enjoyed it.

  12. it is a Shame they changed the Lore and the real reason for the Vaults existence to Capitalism is Evil.

  13. Glad you didn't name this channel "The Critical Thinker." Need any more proof this guy is a grifter?? The show is goy slop that ruins Fallout canon so many times I lost count.

  14. So why aren't you ever mentioning "The Message" anymore.
    Enjoy your bot comments sellout.
    Glad I unsubbed awhile back.
    Anyone can tell you are now a shill.
    Hope your integrity was worth it

  15. @The Critical Drinker This show is ass, I don't have to watch it to know as much. You claim to be against "ThE MeSsAGe", but you somehow enjoyed this show. The MESSAGE was very in your face, put your critical glasses back on dawg.

  16. Its the Good, the bad and the Ugly in Fallout. They nailed it in my opinion its a lot of fun and makes me happy as a casual fan of Fallout

  17. Good call on being a bit hard for non-gamers to follow. My wife benefited from a bit of my exposition.

  18. Mentioning The Lust of Us, tv series followed game plot very closely, as it was already mostly cinematic experience, while Fall Out made something new without breaking the old and I respect the hell out of it.

  19. I sincerely hope this is a sponsored review, I can't imagine your standards for show writing have fallen so far that you think this steaming fart of a CW show is somehow good. Visually it's great, but the writing is subpar and the show runners rely on the 'protagonist is tied up but dodges the attack at the last second and emerges victorious' trope at least 3 times every episode.
    Robot about to harvest your organs? Just dodge out of the way and kill it!
    Armed posse about to shoot you after you were inexplicably untied by the boss? Just dodge out of the way and kill em!
    Passing some armed folks on a bridge? Just dodge out of the way and kill em!
    Bunch of ghouls chasing you? Just dodge out of the way they'll kill everyone else!
    Plus the usual assortment of wtf setups.
    Serial killing monster just sold you to organ harvesters to be murdered? Hey give him some meds so he
    Foreign lady been in your vault for 2 days? Invite her to your crazy blood and nudity filled rituals why not I'm sure she won't react negatively.
    Dude holds your life in his hands in the form of a stimpac? Sure just threaten to have him killed.
    Got some strangers trolling about your complex? Make sure to leave the door to the literal power source unlocked and dont even bother locking it after you find him trying to steal the fusion core.
    And on and on.
    That's not good writing you drunkard.

  20. if I found a lot of unreasonable moments that made the movie to be unrealistic and filled with Woke Agenda. Lets see. have Lucy fall in love for the black guy and have a trans in the movie or even the wife of a big Hollywood star to be black (more so in the 50s)! woke! The trans – a weakling that would piss herself in real world scenario- would be dead before joying brother of steel, not only of that but also the brotherhood don't accept anyone who is different, like a trans. Lucy a girl that was raised like a princess to fall for black guy is unrealistic. Or maybe, its was just to prove she is plain naive, just like the other times after she got out of the vault. Another bad woke thing they did is to have the blood bath killings scenes to be accompanied with funny hilarious music! Oh come on! What's that? satire?. are they trying to soften the moment for the snowflakes? cause that's what it seems to me.

  21. Are you joking, you must be joking Drinker because this show is an absolute shitshow that tells the fans to go fuk themselves, shits all over the lore, is WOKE garbage that pushes communist propaganda and even gives the viewer an unhealthy dose of DEI, how the mighty have fallen and i'm not talking about Fallout.

  22. I started with Skyrim then discovered Fallout 4 ….never went back ….such a great game…

  23. They'll start out strong like Witcher did, get cocky, then pile on the garbage writers and bullshit until everyone wants to forget this ever existed. Calling it now.

  24. Can we say FINALLY the gaming franchise transferred into a movie/TV show right?

  25. I thought there would be a twist where we find out Maximus is still mentally a child. Seriously I thought he was half retarded

  26. I've never played a Fallout game and I enjoyed it. Though I've always been a fan of Walton Goggins. I'm a huge fan of Justified, but his best performance ever, and I won't hear an argument, is Vice Principals

  27. Maximus' character is written how Fin in Star wars should have been done.

    Maximus : A black janitor who wants to be a Knight in the brotherhood.

    Assigned his first mission and his delusions are shattered. Takes up the mantle to be a great person defending the weak.

    Meets a girl on a quest who's out of their depth, both growing together to become each other protectors.

    No woke man bashing.

  28. just finished that one, it was really entertaining! Great song also!

  29. I've just started watching this show. The sound mixing is VERY weird. The bass is insanely loud and dialogue is very quiet. Anyone else have this problem?

  30. Im a big Fallout fan and former TV junkie. Since its the year 2024 and there is no sense in watching television anymore I wasnt going to bother with this until I seen Drinkers video here. I watched 2 eps yesterday and wont be finishing this show. Its Dogmeat-Shit and Im now really really confused on what in the hell is going on with Drinker.

  31. A shout out needs to be given to the use of physical sets and practical effects where cgi was used sparingly this hugely helped giving the world a lived in feel like the fully functioning pipboys. However the weird smoothing filter they use on the females acctreses they think need to look prettier was iritating.

  32. Compared to Last of Us, Fallout is Citizen Kane

  33. Sorry, but they did play lip service to "the message" with Maximus' trans comrade, even using the proper pronouns …. Oh well gotta tick those boxes somehow.

  34. I guess there is no "the message" in this one

  35. Are yall mad it wasnt good? Or just mad it doesn't 💯 take you back to your moms basement playing video games in the dark cultivating pimples? Seems like everyone here just assumes he will have the same opinion as you about show and when he doesn't it somehow means everyone is wrong BUT you? Or……maybe yall are all just miserable and overly critical about EVERYTHING 😂

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