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Exploring The Best & Worst Free Games You Never Played

Rye Games
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Today Rye Games explores the world of Free Dead Games, like Cuisine Royale (CRSED FOAD), Dirty Bomb, Americas Army Proving Grounds & more. Some of these free games are survival games & but most are first person shooters that tend to harbour some of the kindest communities you’ll ever meet. If you’re watching this Dudka, I’d love to get an actual win with you bud.


Check out the Nomad Dev’s new game:

Content Used:
AA Clan Montage –
AA Will Be Shutdown –
How the U.S. Army Made Video Games –
The Most Troll BR Game –

Dirty Bomb History Videos:

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Production music contributed by Epidemic Sounds, C418 & various game OST’s.

If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. 112 is the emargency call center in sweden and few other countries 🙂

  2. Seems they have recycled much of the Cuisine Royale game in terms of maps when making Enlisted, which makes me think the game might have also been just a test of the engine and mechanics for their big release

  3. That trainyard map is brilliant. I wish that kind of map existed in more games

  4. Is that world war 2 game cuisine royale was based on ever gonna come out?
    Cuisine royale was literally just an april fools joke game

  5. Try socom confrontation or any other socom there’s plenty of discords and such for people who remember the game to find ways to play together Sony has shut down the servers for every socom. Now the online servers are paid by the community it has a super big fan base that are hurt that Sony cut off the servers and support and want a come back for socom me included
    Ps- socom 4 is trash and that’s most likely why they shut down the servers and stopped the continuation of the series

  6. Daavid : A lot of these people speak foreign languages, they don't speak American 🙃

  7. Damn, loved dirty bomb. Unfortunately can’t afford a new PC womp womp

  8. WR NEED YOU TO PLAY GOTHAM COTY IMPOSTOR PLEASE 😢😢😢 it was so good but nobody is playing anymore

  9. Thanks for another great watch, Rye, have a great day

  10. David saying “speaking American” to a clearly non-American English speaking person is so cringe 😂

  11. You and Dudka summed up gaming and why it's beautiful. Two countries, that if you watch the news apparently are almost at war with each other directly, yet there you are, playing a game and laughing away with absolutely no care for that BS.

  12. its alway so wholesome when you find nice people on the games you play it gets me into a feeling of nostalgia keep up the good work pls

  13. i used to play Dirty Bomb a decade ago, Honestly thought the game was already gone to be fair. I thought the game has shut down ages ago … good to see it's still up and still SOMEWHAT alive, Even if it is only 20 people a day. Still i loved this game a decade ago and i wish i could return but sadly life takes over.

  14. You have to try Modern Combat 5 it is a really dead and forgotten game

  15. i have a guy on my steam list that have thousands of hours at cuisine royale (CRSE FOAD)
    his hours are now private but last time i check years ago he had 2500/3000+, fucking crazy

  16. Realm royale would fit perfectly for this kind of video!!! Please review it

  17. Quake wars was cool game dead now though

  18. Haha I loved cuisine royale back when it first came out. Me (SerDuckie) and my buddy (AtomicBeatzKing) used to go around with just pots on our heads and the jump/zombie/fill map with water spells.


  20. I have played Cuisine Royale. The best part is that if you want to play a fps game that has the same feel as that game, then Enlisted is made by the same company and the same company made a famous game called War Thunder. But Enlisted has the same animations, gun sounds, vehicle sounds, etc. it’s just not a battle royale.

  21. You missing quite a few obscure f2p games that are better than all of these, but even i wouldnt know about them if i didnt pretty much played every online FPS made since UT

  22. Damn watching FOAD it’s so obvious what assets would become enlisted. Never played either till I played enlisted 6 months ago.

  23. I feel like cuisine royal was like a proving ground for dark flow and Gaijin to make enlisted, btw does anyone knows the name of the background song that was heard while they were playing nomad?

  24. I'm always excited when Rye uploads another "dead games" video. Keep exploring Rye

  25. I wonder when/if Planetside 2 will make it in to one of these videos. With recent news I have hope the shooter that got me back into gaming will have a long life and eventual sequel.

  26. Experience the thrill of Turbo Golf Racing today! Available now on Xbox Game Pass and only $9 on Steam. Dive into a world where passion meets competition in a welcoming community eager to grow. With the official release slated for Q2 this year, including a debut on PlayStation, now is the perfect time to join. Let's breathe new life into the game together and elevate our ranked lobbies to new heights. Your presence can help address the challenges we face as a community. Thank you for considering, and we can't wait to welcome you onto the field!

  27. Christ i didnt notice that all these videos have the same silly thumbnail

  28. Dirty Bomb could have been huge (much like Brink before it, which had so much potential) but the Devs made some very weird decisions…

  29. i haven't even played these games, yet i feel so nostalgic,sad and wholesome at the same time

  30. I remember one time I was playing Americas Army, probably back in 2005 or 2006, and I got a call from an army recruiter on my cell phone and it freaked me out and logged off and never played again

  31. Cuisine royale was made as a technical test for the engine and mechanics for Gaijin’s fps ww2 game ‘enlisted'

  32. I remember playing AA, especially a bridge map with fog. Dying over and over because couldn't see shit.
    Yeah, it was AA2.

  33. I remember playing proving grounds as a kid because it was the only free FPS game I really liked and man I made a lot of friends in it Team killing and hiding or giving your teammates dumb ass nicknames I miss the good days

  34. Love these videos but that background music was brutal today my ears were bleeding after 5 minutes

  35. PLEASE give Neocron a try. Its a fantastic cyberpunk MMO from 2002. Its still got a strong hardcore of players and the community is working on it to fix bugs and remaster graphics. There is no other game like it.

  36. Lol Infestation was my first DayZ back when i had a potato laptop and no money

  37. All I'm seeing are trashy FPS games, nothing actually worth playing.

  38. I play cursed on console sometimes. Its also on mobile or was.

  39. I dont know if you’ve done a video on it but Brink was a game I have good memories of. I was young so its probably all false but would be nice to see

  40. You should try Super Mecha Champions, pretty dead since launch coz the developers add a bunch of random bots to the lobbys, and is a port from a Mobile game, but still got a solid 300+ hours in it, and still love the Mech mechanics

  41. i love it when you explore dead games 🥰

  42. i miss dirty bomb. that game was one of my favorite FPS games back then. i had no idea that servers were still up until this video, so this is fuckin cool

  43. I’m sorry this video took so long, but I hope it’s worth it 🙂 Suggest dead games to my twitter here: https://twitter.com/RyeGamess

    Check out War Thunder and use my link for a free large bonus back with boosters, vehicles, and more: https://wtplay.link/ryegames War Thunder is a highly detailed vehicle combat game containing over 2,000 playable tanks, aircraft, and ships spanning over 100 years of development. Immerse yourself completely in dynamic battles with an unparalleled combination of realism and approachability.

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