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Exploring The Best Free Games You’ve Never Heard of

Rye Games
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Today Rye Games delves in to the vast world of free games with smaller communities. Some of these games, you’ve probably never heard of. The focus for this video was heavily on FPS games & Open World Games, since they were far popular back when these classics were being created. Survival games weren’t as big, but they’ll get their own video soon.

Fortress Forever Links:
(Server Website)

Neo Tokyo Links:
(official NT discord)
@ActiveNeotokyo (NT youtube)

Games in this video:

Community Discord ➥
Twitter ➥

Production music contributed by Epidemic Sounds, C418 & Various Game OSTs.

If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. Double Action Boogaloo is actually a Max Payne inspired game(this explains all the jump and slow mo), and i tried to play it when i was younger, but never got more then 2 actual games becouse didn't had enough people online lol

    I played A.V.A in the begging too, i think my friend still had videos of us playing in his old channel 🙂

  2. title should be "exploring the best dead free FPS games"

  3. love the blast to the past ever played any but man they look fun

  4. Boogaloo is totally inspired by The Specialist, oldschool CS mod.

  5. I'm not playing any "free game" micro transaction mess of greed shit

  6. Hopefully u cereful and make back up data,overcome with old game sometimes that just hate people make virus😢 but i was awesome for u the effort you put into the video

  7. Double Action Boogaloo is a phenomenal game, I have well over 100 hours on that one

  8. Rye, ive been wondering now for a while what music you use for yor title clips for the games. It triggers a sense of nostalgia for me for some reason lol. If you could share the name id appreciate it highly. Thanks

    Also another great vid thank you for cataloging these small pieces of internet history for future generations 😊

  9. NeoTokyo… man, that brings back good memories.

  10. Man I miss Double Action Boogaloo, such a crazy game

  11. I wonder if it'd be possible to play Gigantic again. That game i'm still so sad it died. It's shame because it was over as something as dumb as a launcher. The actual gameplay was fantastic with such a cool style.

  12. Lmao the deadpool ref when he tried to speak Spanish

  13. Another "games the CC just found out about and doesn't know other people play games to so thinks no one else but him has played them"

  14. My biggest gaming achievement was reaching top 3 in Double Action Boogaloo in the month ranking by style points

  15. actually used to play double action a lot in like 2015-2016

  16. nice video, if you do another one of this check out darkest hour 44 45 its a mod for ro1 and really fun still receiving regular updates. its a real small community and has only 1 server full on most days.

  17. I cry my self to sleep thinking about Battalion. It was such an awesome comp shooter.

  18. i love played double action boogaloo since 2016 that was a great game

  19. I swear you are the most underrated youtuber ever.

  20. Alliance of Valiant arms was so impressive awesome fucking game
    I remember getting ah94 sidewinder from box and how much fun I had in coop (prison break and runing boulders maps)

  21. 16:55 "Hey Albert, if you`re listening: How do you f4cking kill in only one thrust in this game, because in this game when i thrust i leave him half hp" Southern Spanish accent

  22. Double action, used to have filled up servers. I remember playing that because i wasn't got max payne games.

  23. i just tried playing neotokyo … the game is dope

  24. you should try "the specialists" mod for half life 1. one of the best games. double action boogaloo is its successor, but it sucked. the specialists is much more optimized

  25. AVA was the first PC I ever played, back when people like Skadoodle played.
    This video gave me so much nostalgia.

  26. i have been waiting for you to cover neo toyoko, a personal favorite of mine 🙂

  27. I remember playing The specialist before Double action came out.. The specialist was fireee back then lol

  28. Please check out MoH:AA revival and also Wolfenstein enemy territory if you havent already, both games arent completely dead and are free. Both games were released around the Counterstrike 1.5 era, when steam was in its infancy phase, before it evolved into the behemoth PC gaming platform that it has become.

  29. Dude, double action is one of my favorite games ever. I've played it for years ever since I discovered it years back.

  30. I was only planning to have this playing in the background while I worked, but you got my attention with that Temple of Time music.

  31. I wish you could have seen what battlegrounds 1 and 2 were like. Massive regiments (clans) filled with dozens of history nerds that somehow got together and organized into cohesive line battles. Imagine revolutionary and napoleonic era style lines of 20 vs 20 with a commander on each team (sometimes two) calling movement, advance, about face, make ready, take aim, fire. It's like holdfast but the simplicity of the game made it so much… better? Every action and movement mattered so much more. We drilled so much we even had a fire by file command – it was glorious. If you're interested, i can get you in touch with some guys who've played it for almost 20 years and have some great footage. It was truly the most unique gaming experience i've ever had and I yearn for it often.

  32. I actually used to play A.V.A. Alliance of Valiant Arms. Which I think was the predecessor to A.V.A. Global. It was less focused on bomb planting 6v6 esports gamemodes and more focused on pushing payloads, tug-of war kinda gameplay with NPC's with a bunch of extra HP.
    Edit: Welp calling myself out for posting this w/o watching the whole video. The community was sick from my memory, very positive 😀

  33. Im surprised that you didn't mention NeoTokyo's amazing OST, people should definetly check that out.

  34. I remember playing Battlegrounds like 10 years ago. We used to do line battles when a server was packed

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    Enjoy the vid ya legends, sorry it took so long (a LOT of issues like pc breaking… recording corrupting etc etc…) but we're good now!

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