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Eden Prairie vs. Wayzata Boys High School Soccer

CCX Media
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Full Match coverage of Boys High School Soccer – Eden Prairie vs. Wayzata

Recorded 9-14-20

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  1. Ccx Media High School Soccer Madison Beer Life Support Tour Go 0:21

  2. holy shit if i played in the us i think i might be messi bcs wtf is this

  3. Ccx Media High School Soccer Olivia Rodrigo Driving Home 2 U

  4. I'm a 15 year old American but I've be3n living in Africa for 4 years and this game is equivalent to a bunch of 10 year Olds playing some pickup on the street ffs

  5. I'm brazilian and if I play in this league they gonna call me Cristiano Ronaldo

  6. The ref is very poor in this game. Blatant handballs in the penalty area and he just ignores it. Good to see the lads actually stop play kick and chase and actually get the ball down on the deck.

  7. Also, and this is not a criticism, just a observation, but refs at this level really do not seem to understand the rules of football. Most games I see many foul throws which is really a basic skill. I am still getting used to the commentary as phrases like " traffic", for a number of people, and "take away" and "run down the ball" are alien to British football. I guess these are terms taken from American Football or some other sport?

  8. 43:10 I have a penalty here. It appears to me that #6 white trips the attacker #13 blue who is reaching to play the ball (and wins the ball, I used slow motion on the replay) to his teammate #21 blue.

  9. 54:28 Easy decision to give a yellow card to this hard and reckless challenge by #8 blue. This is boarder line red for excessive force, but yellow is the right decision.

  10. Why they keeping kicking the ball high why they playing a 1-2 touch a low balls they keep losing positions.

  11. I’m a Hermantown student actually! And I’m making this comment on the day of homecoming

  12. Though these kids are pretty bad it was crazy how they equalized in the last 5 seconds, crazy

  13. No offence or anything but British high school football/Soccer is way more better and dynamic


  15. Not a single smart/good pass. This is the equivalent of U9 division 8 football in Spain.

  16. what are these guys doing in practice ? this is embarrassing

  17. nah cuz comapred to french teams they are… yea u know

  18. Man they play good but i gotta say some them are strsight up idiots the ref has no brain

  19. thry take high school soccer seriously here niceeeeee

  20. Could someone tell me what division this game is?

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