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Earn $3 Every Minute Chatting With People Online | Chat and Get Paid Secret Website

Franklin Emmanuel
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Are you someone who loves engaging in conversations, meeting new people, and making money from the comfort of your own home? Look no further!

This video is specifically tailored to show you how to leverage your natural communication skills and turn them into a lucrative source of income.

Earn money online chatting people on this secret website

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  1. Didn’t anybody try it so you can recommend?

  2. That payout you showed is not from the website😏

  3. How are we going to go about the VPN part

  4. I am from Ethiopia can i use this chat boss

  5. Thank you so much for this video and every info you've been sharing with us.🎉I really appreciate you sharing the vpn service which is a must to access the websites.

  6. Good day Mr Frank and new to your page.pls how do I make friends in Renta a cyber friends app.
    How do I go active pls

  7. is this available also in the philippines

  8. Thnks alot coach, watching from Cameroon,pls how do I join ur watap community

  9. I feel you should tell them how hard it is to get a person to talk to. Please show a video of how you started getting call requests

  10. Hummm, since I did all that,I have never gotten one person to chat with

  11. Good morning sir am watching from Cameroon please do you any website we’re I can get paid directly to my Binance account cos most of the sites I have seen mostly accept but PayPal

  12. I think need this ,I am struggling financially so this might help

  13. Informative video though. But I put it to you that you are currently not using that site let alone making money with it. Else I thought you would have gone further to show your live account activities, even if it means blurring out sensitive information. The content of this video is what anyone can actually put up. But not so much the practicality and implementation. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  14. 😅😅 how come he had clicks and Ctr 😂😂and power by fraudiogix😂

  15. Cool video but can I do it without my vpn because I am having problem with it

  16. I'm trying to understand this o, like I get paid for keeping people's company? Well can you tell us how to attract potential clients?

  17. Please has anyone here actually tried this and earned from it?

  18. What VPN can we use to get another location please?

  19. Hi thanks for the vidoe i have sign up and they approved me how would i be chatting coz i use vpn

  20. Sir please you said we should use vpn to change our location what if when they want video call and they find out we are blacks what happens and please I don’t know how to use the vpn

  21. Impressive sir, you just get yourself a new friend.

  22. U have to stay logged in to get calls I had it for months and nothing on my phone

  23. How do I find the people I’m using my phone and no people show

  24. In the Website it says that you can call but can you also Just chat because i don’t think I’m comfortable calling some stranger

  25. Is this site still available? Can ppl withdraw?

  26. Hi Frank, thank you for this video. I tried this site and it just kept bringing me back to login when trying to update my profile. What can I do?

  27. How then do we get a mobile number to verify when we choose US location in the VPN

  28. I have been messaging you and you're not responding. Pls I need you to reply me

  29. Hello I just want to ask if you if I can withdraw money without PayPal

  30. thanks so much for the video. but I have one question. please when we change the VPN to the country as u suggested. are we to tell the person we might be chatting with when it is asked. and please the video on owning the bank account, can u reply to this comment with it, please?

  31. Good day sir,can you help me create a Paypal account to use in Nigeria

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