Eagles Land Saquon, Travis Abroad (Again) and The “Bag Boys” of Free Agency | Ep 81 - playknightdefender.com

Eagles Land Saquon, Travis Abroad (Again) and The “Bag Boys” of Free Agency | Ep 81

New Heights
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92%ers we are back with another episode of New Heights sponsored by Experian. If you’re looking to build your credit without adding debt, check out the Experian Smart Money Debit Card and Digital Checking Account.

We’re breaking down all the biggest moves in NFL free agency so far, talking about Travis’ latest trip abroad, what Jason’s been up to in his first week since retirement and so much more!

But first, Jason and Travis react to the news that they won “Podcast of the Year” and “Best Ensemble” at the 2024 iHeart Podcast Awards. The guys also talk about their upcoming trip back home to the University of Cincinnati. Stay tuned for more details!

Then we check out some fan mentions, first from Drew Brees who announced he’s sponsoring 13 scholarships for walk-ons in honor of Jason’s 13 NFL seasons. We also got a shout out from “Forged in Fire” judge Doug Marcaida who invited us to the forge!

Next, we get into Travis’ latest trip abroad to Singapore and what Jason has been up to since officially deciding to hang ‘em up, including becoming Beau Allen’s personal Uber driver.

And lastly, we get into all the biggest moves from the start of free agency, beginning with Russell Wilson’s decision to sign with the Steelers and Kirk Cousins signing a huge deal with the Falcons. We then talk about all the Chiefs roster moves so far, including Chris Jones’ record big pay day. Jason then weighs in on the news coming out of Philadelphia, highlighting Fletcher Cox’s retirement and the Eagles signing Saquon Barkley! We wrap things up by talking about some of the most surprising moves and all the running backs that have new homes in 2024.

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00:00 – Intro
01:56 – New Heights wins Podcast of the Year
05:12 – UC Alumni Weekend
08:14 – Drew Brees Walk-On Scholarships
10:39 – “Forged in Fire” Invite
15:05 – NDQ: Explaining the Salary Cap
20:55 – NDQ: Jason & Travis Band Memories
31:03 – Travis Outta the House
36:40 – Jason’s First Week Post Retirement
41:04 – QB Free Agency News
47:33 – Chiefs Roster Moves
59:36 – Eagles Roster Moves
01:09:05 – Saquon to Philly
01:15:10 – Free Agency Superlatives

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  1. I hope Taylo will say something about cursing 🤬

  2. Can’t watch this with my kids and I love new heights… too many expletives from Travis. I’m not saying there can’t be one or two, but it’s too many. It’s unwatchable

  3. what does the 92%ers mean???…sorry new to the podcast

  4. Can't wait for the tickets to go on sale at noon today. Something is telling me us 92%ers will be crashing the site 😅

  5. Jason my son is in the military and is a huge fan of yours and the Eagles. He is stationed near KC though. 😂 Anyways one of his B-2 stealth bombers flew over one of your guys games and he was so happy. He was born and raised in NC and man does Panthers fans say stuff but he has been a staunch Eagle's fan since he was really young. It all started with Brian Dawkins and he has been a fan since. I just got to speak to him about your retirement and he was as sad as I was. Just know you have somebody in the military that looks up to you and the man you are. Thanks for holding yourself in high regard so my son can look up to you.

  6. Well maybe its just an Aussie view but the 'F' bomb is no major drama down here and quite common. We are more concerned about the 'C' word as it's more offensive.
    Look at it this way, It's their podcast and they can say what they choose too, if you don't like it? don't watch, simple.
    Travis isn't changing himself for anyone and why should he? They both actively promote that the show is presented later so it's your choice to watch or not. (Or let your kids listen – parental guidance)
    I'm actually curious as to why the NFL players (not just Jason & Travis) call everone baby? That's very unique to us here in Australia and does sound weird lol

  7. I wish they had cat food like the dog food that's available in Australia.
    I also like the sound of the Liquid IV.

  8. Trav really making sure that he doesn’t get a PETA controversy. Bro is learning lol.

  9. I love listening to you guys talk on other subjects aside from football. You both have brilliant minds. I’m sure you will accomplish anything you want to Jason in your future life! Can’t wait to see you soar!!❤I know your parents are proud of you both!!

  10. Doug mercaida doesn’t say “kill” he’s saying KEAL which is an acronym for keep everyone alive

  11. A Pittsburgh native that now lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio! I love hearing all the references to NE Ohio! I've alway LOVED football and now I love this podcast! I'll admit the Swiftie in my helped me find it, but now I never miss an episode! I love your family dynamics and that you are all so relatable! I also enjoy your insights on football and the NFL! It's a highlight on Weds because I know there's always going to be some good fun coming that day!

  12. Jason, Lane & Jordan are three of the best ballers, finest men with legacies to be so proud of, funny as hell & Travis…man all 3 laid reasonable but less F bombs in the entire segment than you have in 4 fucking sentences so go to your fucking room & fucking think about it!

  13. Have you two ever thought of singing like the two bros you do together like travis/Jason lyrics, what would be in mind rap,metal,country

  14. I like to see who battles with the song

  15. I imagined construction work at first, for retiement. I did uber too

  16. With contracts is there retirement $$$ after or have to work more employment

  17. Baritone sax is the best! Loved stage band in high school.

  18. The running back movement has been wild but saquon will have lots of running room

  19. I love you all your vibe is everything ❤ I’m a huge Miami fan bc I was born and bred that way 🐬I live in upstate NY so I get ALOT of shade the Bills fans are crazy they are my friends 🤷‍♀️ but why dont you talk about Miami much or even Tyreek or your feel on Mcdaniels you know he got that swag is they’re BAD BLOOD🤷‍♀️ no dumb questions just dumb people 😂 Congratulations on your retirement Jason sending you soo much love to you and Kylie that’s my girl ❤

  20. Travis: " I am never into music , but I felt Mr.Baker hovering at me because i am your little brother ." 😂

    All the love and attention Travis got from people who love his big brother is something he is grateful about and should be. That's why he adores Jason .he got passes because Jason is Jason and he even got to NFL not only because he is good , because Coach Reid trusts Jason 😂🎉❤❤

    and now Jason also benefitting having more fans because he is Travis brother ..these 2 shares everything is awesome ❤

  21. How do you apply for this scholarship?

  22. I’m so upset but he will get to shine in Philly

  23. Gotta at least give them props that they understand how dumb they are and fully embrace it

  24. Trav, I want to take the "Crocodile Dundy" Tour of Austalia!😅

  25. Anyone have the 92% inked on them yet? I think that will be my next tattoo.

  26. you guys should get behind Maxx Crosby 2024 DPOY

  27. Bummer read lost Sneed today with the Titans…. one of the highest paid cornerbacks.

  28. Thank you for dialing back the curse words! I’m trying to do that myself!

  29. Not related to this podcast, but can't find the Girl Scout conversation one…just want to know if Travis ever tried the "Lemonades" don't know if they are called something else in other parts of the country, but watch out, they are more addictive than Thin Mints!!! (Think they'll top your favorites list, even with your love of peanut butter)! You have to try them!!

  30. You guys are so great
    You remind me of my brother's craziness.

  31. Come on Travis -eaux is how we say O in Louisiana it’s a Cajun thing. Walk onstage is a Louisiana chain which drew is part owner.

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