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  1. lol the song in the beginning are you not copyrighted

  2. Amazing video! God bless you all🙏🏽God is so good🙌🏽Jesus loves us all so much🙏🏽❤Turn to God He will guide you and give you strength🙏🏽Trust in Him

  3. why do some of the vods have random clips of the tara/zack stream?

  4. These lives with them just playing games on the bus are so elite

  5. Y'all are mean to babas, everybody showed their drawings and he literally stod there and no one said anything. ..

  6. dev is looking a little too fine recently

  7. We ALREADY know what’s UP w/ JC he DONT wash cochino, if anyone goes in the bathroom for any reason you should always WASH ewww even if just for yourself people touch those doors to get in there. Germs and ick!

  8. & FYI I love all those Cochinos just saying wash those hands boys!

  9. the only guy drinking is Bryan wtf… but wait "who driving bus"???

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