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Diablo Immortal: Asmongold Plays Blizzard’s New Game

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Asmongold plays Diablo Immortal, a new Blizzard game, for the first time to see how Pay-To-Win the new mobile game is


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  1. Remember when Diablo 2 cost 19.99 at your local store and you played it for 10 years… yeah..

  2. They really should have monetized this like WoW. Nobody would lose their minds if they just offered up a 40-60 dollar price tag for the first tier of the battle pass system unlimited on your account and a sub option for the highest tier, offer cosmetics on the side, pets, some convenience items and you're good.

    They took it way too far and i hope there is blowback because i want to keep playing on PC, but i don't want to hit a paywall or support a game with such a disgusting monetization scheme in place.

  3. it would almost be cheaper to buy the company and then get all the stuff for free than to buy all this shit.

  4. OK, it's a mobile game. But do the graphics really have to look like being 15 years old?

  5. "where's the boss, where's the boss……Shit" had me dying laughing

  6. And all these purchases are PER character, not account wide. Which is a RIP Off…

  7. I know I am nobody but just a red dot pixel in the game industry who can influence nothing. But This P2W method came from other cultural which is wrong has already destroy the meaning of gaming, the fundamental of gaming philosophy should not be structured by money. To be honest the quality of Diablo Immortal is decent. I would rather always pay-to-play than pay-to-win for 10k.

  8. You can buy shop items but cant use them until there is acess to that skill or feature

  9. What a funny title calling it "new game" as if it's an actual game.

  10. It is obvious what they did for immortal, its a money grabber. PTW. rip diablo, rip blizzard. Thx for the vid, but dont make them more money. pls.

  11. It's not really pay to win. You can farm everything in the battle pass pretty easily in rifts and anything overpowered still falls under rng rules. Its not like you can straight up buy the best legendary gear in the game. It's almost as if the only incentive to spend your money is strictly cosmetic.

  12. can you do a review of the refund process please?😁

  13. I love how the character said "No not yet" when he said "Am I op now" when he got the sword" at 14:38

  14. This really looks like a reskinned D3, it's a shame Blizzard couldn't even be bothered to mix D2 and D3 classes together. xD

  15. If this the future i think its time to go outside and get healthy kekw

  16. I was actrually kinda enjoying the game but didnt look in the shop. You just made me uninstall it hahaha nice

  17. After watching this I immediately went and deleted this game

  18. So I haven't spent a dime and have not died and am currently at level 24. You really don't have to spend any money on this and have a great time playing. If you like spending money on this kind of stuff then go for it but it isn't needed.

  19. 13:01 furry bait in the cosmetic store, they're definitely making bank there

  20. I had the same experience when I played the cod 4 remastered version,they added all purchasable guns and skins which we're top tier in game,I know it's a slightly different game to diablo,but it just goes to show that modern day games are all pay to win it's a shame man.

  21. These mobile games are like going into a casino….the bank qalways wins….no wonder it was banned in the netherlands and belgium for being a hidden casino tactics game…like all mobile games….Sad that other countries turn a blind eye…. it makes peole dependend like gambeling and should be forbidden….play the lottery there you have at least achance to get your money back.

  22. The most amount of gaming i've had with Diablo Immortal
    is speed running my character creation before disconnecting.
    Attempt #5, lets go!

  23. its probably the most cringe video i have seen today

  24. Seems people already made mods to give you unlimited money, orbs and anything else unlocked.

  25. When you got enough $$ to literally spend them like monopoly money 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  26. Well, he can spare 100k to beat the game if he wanted to.

  27. hehe on lvl 30 and above they force you to spend real money in order to lvl up,or grind a lot 😛

  28. Very entertaining video Asmon. I once liked Blizzard but now they are number one on my shit list. Well, competing with AGS.

  29. Everyone download it and do the survey. Bag out p2w. This game is so good yet it's just a cash grab.

  30. Narrator: "Humanity must stand together. Though, it may not be enough."
    Asmon: "That's why I brought my credit card."
    This had me dying! XD

  31. whoever designed the barbarians face was watching way to many johnny dep movies

  32. I remember seeing some math and it takes 110,000 dollars to fully max out a SINGLE character in the game. I haven’t played the game but that is what I’ve seen on it.

  33. It's painful when he doesn't click on the things in the menus that have a red dot to show there's something new or something to be acquired.

  34. So it's something like 400 dollars to experience the full game. They might as well put the game in the store at that price and dispense with the deceptive marketing.

  35. I bet the "Don't you guys have Phones Guy is Laughing his ass to the bank..(

  36. If you want him to look like you his skin need to be ‘never seen the sun white’ lol

  37. Graphics wise why does the facial hair look better then the head hair?

  38. For free I've enjoyed it, only game I play on my phone, me and Co workers kill time on it all almost 40, none of feel the need to spend money or have, Its fun af

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