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Diablo Immortal: Asmongold Plays Blizzard’s New Game

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Asmongold plays Diablo Immortal, a new Blizzard game, for the first time to see how Pay-To-Win the new mobile game is


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  1. who also read pay to play first min on the screen 😀

  2. Damn this makes me wonder why Lost ark can't have a male and female option. I really don't like the fact I am Forced to play a gender I don't prefer if I want to play a certain class.

  3. 1:01:30 Stream-Sniping Spider-Man? I knew it. I knew Peter Parker was a cheater. He used his spider-sense to take tests, say the right things to the right people, and SPIDER SENSE his reputation into submission. We all think Peter Parker is smart, but what if that was a ruse! And to think, all that from a short joke on a Twitch stream. Fun, huh?

  4. Ur just playing d3 tweaked a tiny bit for phone. And people hated that game. But now they are spending thousands just to do it again on a phone. Or to play it again on computer with bluestacks. Lol

  5. Omg u have to use another copy of the rank below gem to rank it up. Wow that is so many

  6. I thought of Johnny Deep trial when i saw Derckhard Cain with the whole "isn't he dead?"

  7. God this looks terrible. Combat looks really boring standard fare, nothing special

  8. Don't watch this guy his manipulating you, he will make more videos like this about DI for views and minutes. What happen to "D2JSP" did we forgot all about that? Why because it's not trending?

  9. I can't believe they reduced Diablo to this. F'n cellphone game with super macro transactions and p2w.

  10. The game’s intro cut scene is a perfect analogy for blizzard being corrupted by greed

  11. How much over exaggerated facial movements do you need?

    This guy: yes

  12. I mean lost ark is p2w XD but people just hate on blizzard just for the memes at this point

  13. I am having so much fun. I feel like I’m 12 again looking for taco Baal runs

  14. “I’m a god now “ 5 min into the game

  15. Love your channel but I feel that you should not showcase such a greedy monetised game. I know you are making a parody of sort and also showing people how much money you spent. but any exposure are one exposure too much for such a game

  16. by the one and a half hour mark, when you already spend 150 USD and still having so much difficulties in the game, imagine how it will be for free to play players .. or those who just spend $10 ….

    This is the curse of the free to play game.

  17. Please do not play this because a streamer like asmon has played it.. play it because you are genuinely interested in the game.

  18. How is it even legal that they can say 800% extra value when 60 "orbs" is 1$ anyways? So the cosmetic is worth $800?… 🤣

    This just seems like the shady "was 1 million dollars, now it's only 5$!" kinda shit that they deemed illegal.

  19. 300 dollars is like 1200 Malaysian Ringgit. That is a lot!

  20. Bro, Ive never seen that good of a drop as that last one. Even a Seeping Bile, jesus

  21. 29:30…when your character don't want to stay awhile and listen.

  22. i couldn;t delete this pos fast enough 350 bucks wtf i know asmon has fu money but gd get a grip.

  23. We've been through several generations of heroes, figured Cain would be just a brain in a vat by now.

  24. the wiki confuses me. it says " Part of the Diablo series, Immortal takes place in the series' world of Sanctuary and is set 5 years after the events of Diablo II, but prior to Diablo III." okay so it is supposedly 5 years after diablo 2 and before 3 then why is tal rasha who was dead and has tombs and the horadrim who is alive and all evil by act 3 in diablo 2 alive in this game? am I missing something or did they mess up somewhere…

  25. What is wrong with the graphics, I think it looks great.

  26. If you don’t want to pay money than don’t play, that simple stop crying about it. They put time and money into making the game and you got people crying it’s not 100% free. Just a heads up that’s how life works, nothing is free.

  27. My monk did less damage the first 5 minutes. It's only so easy cuz u rolled barb. Jeez.

  28. To easy, too chunky just sad stuff over all. Ugh so cringe, I cant keep watching this.

  29. 1:15:37 This is made if the battle pass is ending and you need a couple of more rank-ups to be able to unlock the final reward … NOT TO PAY IT FORWARD FROM LEVEL 1 …. you usually dont spent money in games .. I don't know why you are doing this… make no sense …

  30. Diablo Immortal: From Day Trader To Investment Banker In Just Three Simple Steps

  31. The dings in this game dead ass sound like my air fryer going off

  32. *Amberheard invited you to a party

    Asmo : "no"

    JD : "yeah, don't"

  33. Aside from the pay to win, is the game still good?

  34. When that npc said "the first crest is on me" I nearly fell out of my chair. They are well aware they are selling digital crack to kids and have no shame in it. This sh*t makes me sick to my stomach

  35. The game is not even opening anymore lol what a trash ass game.

  36. Its absolutely disgusting to see what Blizzard has done to Diablo…

  37. Poor barbarian, his mankini doesn't even fit 🙁 I would've gone with the female version even though her armor makes no sense either.

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