Debbie TAMES Omni-Man With Her Personality | Invincible #invincible #comics #shorts -

Debbie TAMES Omni-Man With Her Personality | Invincible #invincible #comics #shorts

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In Invincible Omni-Man and Debbie choose to leave Earth and head for Talescria, to visit Oliver who has recovered from the injuries sustained in their battle with Thragg
On the ship a green alien brings their meal, only to walk in as Omni-Man and Debbie are getting it on and she covers her eyes in embarrassment
The alien returns to the kitchen and complains to the chef that this what they are doing every time he comes in
Debbie gets up, buttoning her shirt and telling Omni-Man this is the last time unless he figures out how to lock the doors
He tries grabbing Debbie but she reiterates that he is cut off for now and takes a look at the alien food that was brought in which smells kinda good as Omni-Man thinks of a way to force the doors closed
But when we cut back to the ship, Omni-Man and Debbie are at it again but are interrupted by an announcement that they must be present on the bridge in ten minutes time
Omni-Man knows that ten minutes is a very long time and Debbie tells him to hurry it up
And afterwards they head to the bridge to tell Great Allen of their deal with the Viltrumites occupying Earth but Allen is under a lot of pressure from the members of the coalition to find and wipe out the remaining Viltrumites and makes plans that will lead to the once good friends battling it out

INVINCIBLE is an adult animated superhero series that revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who’s just like every other guy his age — except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man. But as Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.
After an earth-shattering betrayal, Mark fights to rebuild his life. In the face of apocalyptic threats, he discovers new allies and wrestles with his greatest fear – that he might become his father.
In this special prequel episode, Samantha Eve Wilkins, aka Atom Eve, grows up out of place in her own family. When someone from her past re-enters her life, she discovers her tragic backstory and the origin and true potential of her powers.

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  1. If you're on mobile the title of the short reads. Debbi TAMES omi man with her p…

    And technically true

  2. Debbie is the strongest character in Invincible to take that many viltrumite backshots

  3. Bulma, Lois, and Debbie take backstory from superhumans like it's nothing.

    I'd add Chi-Chi but she is the one in control of that "ride"

  4. Cory Walker do his thing when he draw debbie

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  6. wait so debbie forgives omniman, it want in the show

  7. "10 minutes? I only need 30 seconds 😈" -Omni man

  8. God, that goofy moustached smile when she tells him to hurry it up xD

  9. More then on person is coming in that room

  10. The real question here is how was Mark the only son of Nolan and Debbie? Oliver is a half brother, but this issue and others make me question how they don’t have like 10 or 17 kids.

  11. She took him back after he was inside a bug…

  12. I'm happy for Debbie to have SOMEHOW gotten over the trauma of the past to have a relationship with Nolan again I have no idea how on earth they made it worth again

  13. A hotgirl and an ugly guy again, ugh

  14. Omni-man didn't lie with
    "What 17 years, I can start again, make another Kids" Beat Mark

  15. Ten minutes it a very long time 😂 that's crazy

  16. My God , how many times can these two fucks go at it ? .

    We should be thankful Debbie is not superpowered , her endurance is scary .

  17. ahhh no core memory of finding out how i was born and that mom n dad actually do this instead of fighting in their bedroom

  18. Omni man: I think of you like a pet

    Debbie: and I think of you more like a knock off Superman.

    (violently makes out with each other)

  19. That one comics creator is probably drawing only one hand again…

  20. maybe in an alternate universe Mark got his sibling 🤣

  21. I like how the shorts thumbnail cuts off the title right at the P so it reads like

    "Debbie TAMES Omni-Man with her p…"

  22. I wish the shows design for the female characters were 100% comic accurate but nah cant have curvy women in todays culture

  23. Debbie has to be studied. She literally had Omni man on a leash for 20 something years.

  24. Damn.
    Omni mans stamina is wild but debbies is wilder.

  25. Omni man should be called: Sir bangs a lot! 😂

  26. Have you been a good boy nolan
    Nolan: woof woof yes mom 🌚🌝

  27. Nah cuz how Much stamina does she have? 😭

  28. "Your mom is a pet to me Mark." 👿
    "Your mom is a pet to me Mark." 😫

  29. Next part please or name of fic/link or author's name

  30. Debbie is BAD but Eve is still different IMO. Check out the linked short where Eve asks Mark out.

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