Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers HIGHLIGHTs 1st-QTR | Super Wild Card Weekend - January 14, 2024 - playknightdefender.com

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers HIGHLIGHTs 1st-QTR | Super Wild Card Weekend – January 14, 2024

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers HIGHLIGHTs 1st-QTR | Super Wild Card Weekend – January 14, 2024


  1. Ouch. Dallas is getting worked. I don’t think Jerry Jones and all of his money that he pays these refs and that the league pays these refs are going to get the Cowboys out of this one. lol

  2. Not a Packers fan but why am I enjoying this? 🤔

  3. Should I tell y'all Green Bay have scored again the score is now 48-16. Quote "and cruising" 😜💯🧀

  4. Hell Yah! Thanks GB for righting the wrongs of the cheating Cowboys!
    – Detroit Lions Fan

  5. this is so awesome! Jerry Jones can retire a sad angry man who destroyed a once-legendary team that Tom Landry ran with class, CeeDee Lamb can go to a better team with a real QB, a new coach will come in that will do nothing(unless his name is Bellichic), and Cowboy fans get to cry again…lolololol

  6. 48 – 16
    "turn on the lights the party is over"

  7. Cowboys need to do a Lamb for Metcalf trade. And to be honest I would even do a Prescott for Geno Smith trade by itself or part of that other trade. Also Dallas should draft that qb out of lsu or wait for Ewers out of Texas.

  8. This isn't a game, it's a lesson. It's that simple.

  9. Why are the Packers so good at drafting/getting qb's? I'm in my 40s and I don't remember a time when they didn't have a stud at qb. Love is the real deal.

  10. Ya prescott deben de sacarlo por qué no sirve para finales


  12. Jim Harbaugh should be the coach but Jerry's ego and pride won't let him do it

  13. Aaron Rodgers must be so embarrassed right now. He looks like a clown

  14. Aaron, who? Jordan will get lots of love from the cheese heads after this Cowboys massacre.

  15. At this point, I don't even want to talk trash to Dallas. that's how low they got

  16. In The 1st 48 Dallas Cowboys gets MURDERED… THE Packers should get a Life Sentence with no resistance in their route To: The Win!

  17. The only good news for Cowboys fans are more padded stats for Prescott.

  18. Not a Packers fan but Go Green Bay! I hate the Cowgirls and over rated Dak who? Looking at Dak and I see Caleb from USC having same kind of career in NFL! maybe worst.

  19. BAKERSFIELD NATIVE – jordan love , representing the city

  20. Go Lions! Go Bills! Nobody wants a 49ers vs Chief Stupid Bowl like NFL goes.

  21. Dak energy in the first half…sleepy..when game is out of reach he really threw with purpose.

  22. I can congratulate the Green Bay Packers they'll take on those 49ers now, while those Cowboys go and do what they do every time during their playoff run… ask themselves… what happened 😢

  23. No No.. Think 🤔 about it.. The Packers took a page from the Buffalo 🦬 Bills.. No, think about it.. It is the exact same thing Buffalo 🦬 did when they beat the Cowboys.. Very smart to beat my Boys like that.. The Packers looked at the films from the Dallas and Buffalo game 🏈, and used that to their advantage.. Made my Boys look like when they got beat also by the 49ers.. I don't know but I think that's it for Mr Prescott 😄.. I'm not mad because I had a feeling that some how Dallas was gonna find a way to screw it up..

  24. and like that cowboys have pissed me off for another season

  25. Hahaha best Sunday present. Cowboys so overrated. They beat crappy teams all season. Dak always padding his stats in garbage time.

    Thank you Packers for a great day today.

  26. Poor audio levels…..crowd noise way too loud. Should not interfere nor be equal to the audio level of the announcers. Irritating.

  27. SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD COWGIRL FANS!! One and Done!! NFC east champs my azz!!🤣💪🏻🦅🏈

  28. It's not the coach. Dak won't take that team any where. All they have at receiver is Lamb. They need another they can count on. Parsons is way over rated. He shows up when he feels like it.

  29. That makes it now a 30 year drought since you dopes won a Super Bowl! Most of your current team weren’t even born yet 🤣🦅

  30. Jimmy Johnson actually had me ready to suit up at halftime. Jimmy can still get intense.

  31. Don’t @ us about Dak
    Don’t @ us about Dan Quinn
    Don’t @ us about Jerry Jones
    And definitely don’t @ us about the Cowboys.

  32. How bout them cowboys lol. Dak did excellent!!! Sign him to a 10yr deal 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Cowboys managed to disappoint their fans again! Lol .. always dropping
    The ball in the postseason…and I understand losing, but getting they backs blown out in playoffs, wild!

  34. You can mention drop passes. Interceptions, no points the first quarter ect., but how were the Packers wide open down field several times during during the game?

  35. Stephen A! How bout them Cowgirls.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Kicking myself for not doing packers moneyline 😢

  37. The announcers are soooooo one sided! Biaist to the bone! It was all bout dallas!!! Yes I'm calling you out announcers!!! Therebare 2 teams playing, call the game and high light both teams n players. It was one sided, you suck announcers of the green bay spanking dallas!!! Biaist!

  38. Bout time! These cowgirl fans were spewing shit all season long. Cant wait for work tomorrow and hear the excuses.

  39. How bout them cowboys😮😅 f*cking choked again!!!

  40. The Packers have the only AARON we need. 😂

  41. They played the worst game ever in playoffs. Here we go next year again. It's getting old

  42. cowboy fan for life, jerry jones hater for life.

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