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Dahood Outfit Ideas for boys-Roblox

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  1. Can you tell us the shirt names and the pants name

  2. people buy headless just to make this badic ass avatars?

  3. do one with no headless but with korblox

  4. insane but how are we supposed to find the names of the clothes 💀

  5. 1: I don’t want to chop off my head
    2: where are the items?

  6. Wow that helped alot on how I could.not find any of those clothes u showed ne

  7. Bro joined the fatherless gang 💀☠

  8. The shirt in the beginning calls me to say this
    Touch grass gang

  9. for those who has korblox and headless is fatherless


  11. The hairless dh boy style is a no for me tbh

  12. Step one: steal your mothers credit card
    Step two: be rich
    Step three: by Robux w your mothers credit card


  13. Jesus loves you amen god bless you spread the gospel amen!

  14. The reason why people who play da hood have headless is that they don't have a head nor a brain

  15. 2022 me : Headless is so cool I wanna save up to buy it!
    2023 me : It's just a waste I got it for 30 robux R.I.P to who bought it

  16. Donde esta el nombre de las camisas y pantalones). Where is the name of the shirt and pants?

  17. Guys pls do not wear this it is scientifically proven most people that use these outfits have no father..

  18. I be in the real hood that is not hood u a bish

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