CZE vs. IND - Full Final 9-10 | Boys U19 World Champs 2021 -

CZE vs. IND – Full Final 9-10 | Boys U19 World Champs 2021

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Re-live the full match between CZE and IND for places 9-10 of the Boys U19 Volleyball World Champs 2021 in Tehran (Iran)! #Volleyball #VolleyballWorld

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  1. India needs much improvements in Service delivery and reception both at under 19 and senior level to take on the might of international teams and they are far below par even when compared to their Asiatic rivals like Japan,Iran and South Korea and so forth who are surging far ahead of India.This is in addition to their weak defence and net blocks.

  2. India could have won the first set,india were setting the ball in their block reach…setter could have given some more height to the ball…to attack it successfully…but czech blocking were exceptional…india need to improve serve…

  3. India a country which was in top 50 in world rankings before this championship ended up in top 10 🥂
    We may have not won the medals
    But if you look at the growth
    India is indeed the winner 💯❤️

    Next we'll conquer the asian championship …………..

  4. Polacy mistrzami świata w siatkówce do lat 19 !

  5. I am satisfied with Young Indian Volleyball team Performance

  6. India finished with 10th ranking in the tournament…great performance by 🇮🇳 in the last decade❤️

  7. CZE play volleyball very great, Congratulations on victory👏💕 from Thailand

  8. மட்டமான ஆட்டம் கையிலருந்த மேட்ச்ச விட்டுட்டு… அப்சட்டா ஆகி தோக்குறானுங்க

  9. I heard south India dominated volleyball. But can't see any of them in the team except the libero 🧐

  10. Whenever Indian team has more South players it means we need to work a lot , there is 50% it means we needs to improve once we achieve 70 % north including north east + 30 % South Bgaratiya means we really has good team that can beat any world best teams .

  11. India will fixed loss this match.

  12. Congratulations Czech republic 🇮🇳❤️🇨🇿 🙌🙌

  13. over aged hone k bad bhi nhi khel patee india wale …kese selector or coach hai …isse accha band hi krdoo volleyball

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