Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Unlimited Power #AD -

Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS – Unlimited Power #AD

The Spiffing Brit
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Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court / Crusader Kings III Is the latest entry into the crusader kings series of DLC Updates and it is set to release in the next few weeks. The Developers have given me early access to the game to record this gameplay footage and show off my favourite features in the game! We will be following the life of the HRE where I will be playing with friends will be making money by exploiting the game and farming renown and power by showing off how everything is broken!! So sit back and enjoy this Romance simulator which has been disguised under the name of a grand strategy game CK3! I loved playing CK2 and I am excited to be able to show off this next in CK3! But is this new game Crusader Kings 3 a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or is making unlimited power overpowered! Well lets see what The Spiffing Brit has to show us today in Crusader Kings III

So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if Crusader Kings III is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if the Becoming Famous Challenge is broken!! How can you even Become Famous and prestigious in CK3 without doing any big achievement! What strange Strategy game exploit is this! Also featuring an Unlimited gold thanks to a gold exploit!

This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit!

Title: Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS – Unlimited Power #AD

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  1. This video was amazing I hope all of you guys get back on live stream soon and play more of this game

  2. Upper lorraine and lower lorraine is named for their hight above sealevel, well, the further up the hills they are, might be the more timeapropriate description.
    Same goes for bavaria with Lower Franconia, Upper Franconia, Lower Bavaria and Upper Bavaria situated from north to south, but up the mountain ^.~

  3. Spent 3 days making my way through all 6 hours of this vid loo

  4. trustworthy game company lol, u r not allowed to rate the game , sound`s scamy as f_ck :/()=

  5. Spiff: becomes emperor
    Also Spiff: suffering from success

  6. This was one of the most amazing streams I've ever seen. Please, do more od these, I need them ;D

  7. I would love to see Gothic 2 EXPLOITS

  8. I…. Don’t think the Excalibur one is an exploit, as from the dev diary there’s a specific event tied to hoping the ruler wasn’t scammed.

  9. This game is so deep. I wish I could grasp its complexity.

  10. 6 hours downloaded , and imma let the mf. run start to finish 🙂

  11. Can't wait for "Ubisoft is a perfectly Balanced Company with no Exploits"


  13. Chat means cat in French so YouTube Chat’s name was simultaneously YouTube Chat and YouTube Cat

  14. whatever happens in Crusader Kings 3, stays in r/crusaderkings3

  15. If you don't like the election in the HRE, you can remove the elective law from the title by paying prestige (click 'remove law' on the title). It's pretty expensive (prestige-wise) but, is easier than restoring Rome.

  16. It's Lower Lorraine because it's literally lower in altitude, being closer to the sea.

  17. Would love to see another playthrough with you guys! Brilliant 😀

  18. This pain in my ears when He reads a czech name the "english way", it's destroying my ears

  19. I want to see the power of Chasity belts by getting it then giving it to your Rival to reduce them getting a kid

  20. Haha loved this, and the fact that its all brits makes it even more fun.

  21. I am always excited to see a new video from my favorite British person.. second to the Queen of course.. ahem. This was a lot of fun. Especially when you kept uncovering your own schemes

  22. DAMN YOUR COFFEE YOU DAMN SWEDE! Oh, thanks for the money though. Only a Spif can get away with that.

  23. dear spiff i think i have noticed something that you could test out ok so you-tube is on most tv's people are lazy so they do not like the vid coz the tv remote sucks test the theory on your next stream ask people who may be watching it on tv to login to youtube with there phone so they can then like your vid mate i know u like to mess with stuff so have fun with it

  24. Call me crazy, but I just watched the whole stream i one day – I would like to se you carry on the save 😀

  25. I'm not even a gamer AND I'm French but Oh dear I love my Spiffing Brit.

  26. I love how Lewis adopted a child and then named ALL his future children after both Spiff and Duncan’s children 😂

  27. lmao I think im gonna need a quick rundown on Chad Maticus…

  28. Alex is the kaiser!? We truly live in the most cursed timeline

  29. me at midnight: i need to be up at 6am but my lord of tea is here

  30. I have watched this guy for so long I unintentionally have started to speak like him. I am also a fellow Brit but his accent is a lot stronger I prefer it

  31. I hope you guys do another stream when it's fully released. This was great!

  32. Please Spiff please bring back 100 stat man Reanu Keeves in CK3.

  33. this update has just made growing tall easier while making blobing slightly harder but more fun

  34. This was such a fun stream can you do this again

  35. I wish you would get a rumble or a alternative to youtube.

  36. You weren't far from restoring the Roman empire, also a good way to get rid of the election

  37. That beard. Chad Maticus is the Guan Yu of the west

  38. I would like to add my vote for a proper CK3 100 stat man series. It's long overdue.

  39. I don't want to WAIT until TOMORROW(which at the time of this comment is only a few hours away, though not sure what time during the day the DLC will actually be live to download)! I am having Varuca Salt feelings like now, "I WANT IT NOW!"!!!

  40. 1:30:56 WAIT! I can be Feudal AND a Raider now?! YEEEEESSSS!!! Here comes the Feudal Raiding Vikings of the Northland!

  41. "Guys, the CIA really needs you to stop buttfucking. Like, it's just flooding our inbox, it's the only secret we're uncovering is just how everyone is fucking dudes all day. If someone has an assassination plot going on, it's just going to be buried under this mountain of sodomy."

  42. So basically what I hear at 2:43:00 is that if I miss a livestream and watch it in segments afterwords you really are still doing the gods work?

  43. For a sec I thinked Brit aint gonna ~~exploit~~
    and he did it…

    I think We can call this… "It just works".

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