CRAZY 30 YARD FREE KICK!🎯 - FIFA 22 Aston Villa Career Mode S4E4 -

CRAZY 30 YARD FREE KICK!🎯 – FIFA 22 Aston Villa Career Mode S4E4

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♦ Drop a like for more daily episodes!❤️// Season 4 Episode 4 of our FIFA 22 Aston Villa Career Mode! (PS5/Xbox Series X)

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♦ In this FIFA 22 Aston Villa Career Mode our job is to take Villa to Champions League glory! With a rich history in English football, Aston Villa are a sleeping giant. With new signings arriving like Lucas Digne, and Philippe Coutinho – The road to taking this club to the Champions League has begun. While trying to win trophies we’ll deal with signing youth academy players, utilizing talent already at the club, and making world class signings. It’s a new era at Villa Park.

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  1. Also could you do leeds soon and get solly March for you leeds team

  2. Who is the most agile player you've played with on fifa 22?

  3. PCQ: You could try a swap deal for pastour. He would help you out a lot with that finishing

  4. pls do create a club and put them in the championship or efl league one cos it allows u to us players u'll never use otherwise

  5. PCQ: sell damsgaard because you have whitehouse coutinho and alverez who can all play there.

  6. PCQ: If you do sign saurez's regen will he be a starter or will he be a bench player or will he raplace damsgard

  7. Create a club it will be so fun and build up people and make people the best in the world

  8. I think you should do arsenals because you could make only realistic signings and do 4 or 5 seasons and grow players a lot like saka and martineli

  9. I think you should do a create a club and make your club a two and a half star team.

  10. Do a arsenal career mode because of there youth and belief,love the series btw

  11. PCQ: Delegate offer when transfer offer arrives to get the maximum amount of money

  12. PCQ: when are you going to do you nexts Leeds united video

  13. No personnaly I think the arsenal caeer
    Mode would be a lot better and a lot more fun and better keep up the good work 🔥🔥

  14. Scout Gollini ause he had a good game also liking the series

  15. It was funny how he said it has been in the game since fifa 22 in a way it been a long time since fifa 22

  16. You should get rid of daamsgard and then get smith rowe

  17. Swap Dennis for Pastour. He ould be a better back up to Abraham or maybe gro better than him

  18. PCQ: I think you should try and buy Adeyemi as he has good potential and stats in maybe a swap deal with damsgard

  19. Selling Ward Prowse is a good idea. Damsgard too

  20. pcq: Have you noticed Tammy Abraham isn't delivering as much as usual. Should you try and swap him for the Luis Suarez regen?

  21. PCQ: I think maybe tammy for pastour. Ik it seems dumb but it seems kinda entertaining just like the ricardo torres storyline

  22. you should try to get get Josko Gvardiol he has huge potential and could really help your team
    it could also replace someone

  23. PCQ: can you do a Man City career mode p.s love your videos 😍

  24. Please do a create a club. It would be so fun to watch you take them from league 2 to champions league

  25. PCQ:Create A club is better cause its really fan and the homegrown talent is the best in the team

  26. PCQ: These are just some fun facts but villa have actually won the ucl, it's on uefa's website, but back then it wasn't called the champions league. And if you're playing with an xbox controller, if you hold rb and then hold b you can do the ronaldo siu celebration.

  27. Hi tyztir I think you should do a AFC wimbeldon career mode as they are the best youth rebuild team. You can heavily invest in youth and try to climb the tiers of english football

  28. PCQ buy embolo for a very solid back up instead od dennis

  29. I think you should selll ward- prowse then get pastor and swap with damscrd I can’t spell his name hopefully you know the guy I’m talking about

  30. Do you guys also have mixed feelings about this series ending cus you are excited for the arsenal series

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