COME OUT BOYS, MOMMAS HOME - Friday the 13th w/ KubzScouts, Charborg & Razzbowski! -

COME OUT BOYS, MOMMAS HOME – Friday the 13th w/ KubzScouts, Charborg & Razzbowski!

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I was just trying to play a little Friday the 13th with the homies but I kept ending up as Jason (the hunter seeking camp counsellors to destroy). This tilted me, but hey, we had some good moments!
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  1. I’m going to my friends.. and I’m going to sleep in a sleeping bag. I’m concerned…

  2. This reminds me of secret neighbor
    Also my name in secret neighbor is white golden wizard

  3. Charborg protects Gloom as a hero then Jay be like….
    Guys try to meet at the bathroom.

  4. Anyone else notice charborg called Jason Freddy Krueger

  5. Everyone else when their jason: chasing each other and killing each other
    Charborg as jason: "HeLlO-"

  6. Can I just say…charborg…he isn’t Freddie crougar he is jason

  7. She cut out her blaming everyone because THEY closed the window on her in the 2nd round. I watched Jay's.

  8. Imagine the person who played as Vincent watching this hearing Jay say to sacrifice him 😂

  9. Its unfortureate because my brotherz b day is on friday the 13th

  10. Please make a teletubbies your were play laurenzside and yammy

  11. I know I’m a little late but I would love to see another one of u guys playing that game

  12. 📢📣🔊📢📣🗯📢📣🔊📢📣🗯

  13. Every kid friendly youtuber has to play a violent game lololololololololololollool

  14. Terry running by while gloom says "Jay cuddle my dead body"

  15. This is supposed to be scary but I kept laughing

  16. why does it say “free” under the title 😭

  17. POOR Kassie she tried to hang with her friends in the washroom so sad

  18. I'm not sure why, but every year I return to this video at some point lol it's just gold

  19. 24:56 is when I finished my homework because I decided to watch this video of yours while doing homework


  21. “All i wanted was some marshmallows”

    – Jay, 2017

  22. Please I love how Cassie plays these games like its so entertaining to watch her

  23. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  24. 4 years ago ⟟ remember watching this when it came out-

  25. She said one where we dont all die in the beginning but jay did. 😭

  26. Okay but imagine leaving your friends behind to die, razz I’m actually
    Well happy you spoke back to her

  27. Is it just me or do other people go on this video like a billion times because it never gets old

  28. Coke to this video an unhealthy amount

  29. I'm scared cuz my bros birth day is Friday 13TH😱😱😱

  30. I can’t get over how they kept calling Jason, “Freddy Krueger”

  31. no one :
    everyone characters : tipping on nothing

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