Celtic 3-0 Rangers | Hatate Scores Twice as Celtic Blow Away Rangers To Go Top | cinch Premiership - playknightdefender.com

Celtic 3-0 Rangers | Hatate Scores Twice as Celtic Blow Away Rangers To Go Top | cinch Premiership

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Celtic stormed to the top of the cinch Premiership with victory over Rangers in the Old Firm thanks to a brace from Reo Hatate and a goal from Liel Abada.

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  1. Hatate continues to be incredible!

  2. the tide has moved already after only 7 months, far from over but something special is happening under ange and everyone can see it, what a team he is building, that was without rogic,kygo, turnbull,ideguchi,jullien and biton not being in the squad, it will be very close but i have a feeling celtic will win the title, hoping we have more luck with injuries, if celtic can keep their strongest 11 fit, on our day we can beat anyone, just like martin oneills team

  3. 旗手カッコよすぎ!

  4. Alan McGregor's face throughout the whole game was why did you put me in goals today . He played outstanding even though it was 3-0 ..would've been much more if it wasn't for him in goals .. definaetly rangers best player that game

  5. Wahahaha look from 2:40 and watch the dude with the beige jacket in the stand in front of the steward with the yellow shirt. He missed the goal because he was standing with his back to the field.
    Stunned he missed it. 😂😂😂😂

  6. a lot of Scottish team will buy Japanese player next season

  7. たろうはなこたろうはなこ says:


  8. Liel abada the best youngster in the league

  9. Celtic with fans is amazing. They need them. ❤

  10. So proud of Celtic and big Ange,a demonstration of how the beautiful game should be played, total football and the best support in the world, hail hail YNWA 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  11. 世界の皆さんにもっとJ Leagueを観てほしい。
    そんな彼のような選手がJ Leagueには多くいます。


  12. Lets go Celtic !!!!!!! From Brazil !!!!!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  13. Why japanese player are too short height?

  14. you have to give Mcgreggor a mention He was on Fabulous form but it just quite didn't count to the match

  15. Rangers fan here, I can't discredit it, good performance from celtic.

  16. Tebrikler celtic iyi oyun güzel goller. Gerrard gittikten sonra malesef Rangers çöküşte. Umarım Rangers bu mağlubiyeti unutup normale döner. Her zaman her yerde en büyük Rangers 💪💙

  17. Dünyanın en iyi derbileri
    1- Fenerbahçe ve Galatasaray
    2- Rangers ve Celtic
    3- Boca Juniors ve River Plate
    4- İnter ve Milan
    5- Olimpiacos ve Panatinaicos

  18. 中村俊輔以外にも素晴らしい選手が日本にいることを分かってくれたかな?

  19. Rangers supporters shitting on Steven Gerrard for leaving. Cry more now you gits.

  20. レンジャースキーパー失点してるけど、セービング大分しとるのな

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  22. New NAKAMURA!? Respect from Brazil, Celtic F.C The Great!

  23. On the train home there wasn't a sad face in sight or a rangers fan.

  24. Biasa aja sih,Jepang rajin ke piala dunia jadi saya anggap wajar bisa cetak gol sebelum ada hatate sudah banyak seperti hatate misalnya Keisuke Honda,Genki haraguchi,Maya yoshida,shunsuke nakamura,Takuma Asano dan masih banyak lagi …mungkin yang masih jarang ada tapi sebenarnya skill alami bukan di pelajari dan mirip dengan brasil tapi kurang di aspek teknik dan fisik tapi tinggal di bentuk adalah pemain dari Indonesia dengan banyak pemain terkenal dunia berasal dari keturunan Indonesia misalnya Giovani Van bronkhost,Robin Van Persie Radja Nainggolan dan lain lain dan mungkin kalau di Jepang ada satu kubo maka di Indonesia ada banyak Giovani Van bronkhost dan pemain skill level dewa ala brasil dari Papua …semoga agen – agen di liga top Eropa lebih memperhatikan bakat dan skill yang mungkin lebih dari pemain Jepang di kawasan antah berantah yang masih murni layaknya brasil yakni Papua(Indonesia) sebagai ladang pemain murni skill level dewa yang belum di jamah …oleh agen -agen liga top Eropa ….karena ada pepatah mengatakan untuk menemukan emas/berlian kualitas tinggi maka harus menambang ke tempat yang sulit dan tidak terduga …
    Terima kasih bye Kevin

  25. Rangers keeper needs a pay rise!!!

  26. Rangers defending was criminal. Dreadful evening

  27. Rangers tanpa Gerrard balik jadi settingan pabrik

  28. สุดยอดจริงๆ อังเก้ ขอให้ได้แชมป์ครับ

  29. As a Rangers fan, I’m glad the SPFL is now firmly back to the standard we expect from before 2012

  30. I’ve being keeping this within myself for a few years now, but I must say – Cedric Itten is Florian Kamberi’s secret twin brother

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