Can We Escape The Backrooms VR? (Noclip VR Oculus Quest 2) -

Can We Escape The Backrooms VR? (Noclip VR Oculus Quest 2)

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A new free VR The Backrooms game came out on Oculus Quest 2 recently, and it is one of the best VR Backrooms games yet. Subscribe for more!
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Check out This New Free VR The Backrooms Game on Oculus Quest 2, called Noclip VR:

In this The Backrooms VR video, we check out a new The Backrooms VR game, called Noclip VR . Noclip VR has a few fan favorite levels of The Backrooms, including, Level 0, The Habitable Zone (Level 1), Pipe Dreams (Level 2), & Level Fun, with more coming soon. This is one of the best free The Backrooms VR games on Meta Oculus Quest, Meta Oculus Quest 2, & Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headsets. Run from The Backrooms bacteria and try not to become the next The Backrooms found footage victim. With arm based movement like Gorilla Tag but not like a monkey, swing your arms to RUN!
Music Used:

Shop Channel – Wii Music

“Jaunty Gumption”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Spider Dance
UNDERTALE OST by toby fox
Can We Escape The Backrooms VR? (Noclip VR Oculus Quest 2)
New The Backrooms VR Game
Noclip The Backrooms VR
The Backrooms (found footage)

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  1. I can officially say, that I pissed my pants when I played this with my friend.

  2. Level ! And poolrooms comes out tomorrow!!

  3. when you press b it shrinks you and the close your head is to the ground the more it shrinks you when you press b

  4. you should try gorilla rooms its a multiplayer they had to take it down and its gonna come next update but u can still play it

  5. If I get pinned he will play the next update

  6. this is the funnest video 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  7. 59th like, 18th comment, and 868th viewer

  8. hello StyledSnail! So uhh… remember the minecraft mod for gorilla tag you did 2 months ago? It got updated today!

  9. I played the game and I cried on the last level

  10. Why can’t they make the stuff we grab not get stuck behind walls

  11. Bro first when I saw it I thought it was vrchat cuz the nametags💀

  12. I play it my friends a few days ago and it’s crazy

  13. This is the best backrooms game, change my mind

  14. Still a couple bugs otherwise I love this game

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