camping with the boys -

camping with the boys

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ree kid

your narrator

intro music
BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
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  1. To bad they dont make content like this anymore, it's all about money flexing and stupid reaction videos, now, typical tho, they get big and forget the things that got them there, its sad

  2. Reekid:i don't car what little kids say about plastic straws😡i just wanna drink my milkshake 😩

  3. Imagine you hear a grown man screaming honey bunches

  4. I like how re kid screamed as the forest behind him broke

  5. Narrator: what the hell is that . Everyone:AHHHHHHHHHH.
    Everyone: jumps off cliff*

  6. I play the forest almost everyday, now I have seen it in VR and I am missing out.

  7. when narrorator uses his real voice. it surprised me bc iv never heard it.

  8. I swear these guys make anything scary look fun somehow

  9. I will find your narrator and I will BEFRIEND HIM AND WE WILL BECOME GODS TOGETHER

  10. Im just chilling its almost 12:00 pm watching the forest vids and doing some shitty sceths

  11. Me on a plane be like mully how rude of it narrator casualy carying a deer head

  12. they always make me laugh every second

  13. This so funny my parents are clapping from their room

  14. please bring this back in the year 2022

  15. i am a australan army cadet im narrator wen gos crazzy in the bush on campes

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