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burgers with the boys

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joshdub's setup
HTC Vive Pro
HTC Wireless Adapter
Valve Knuckles Controllers
AT9903 Microphone
Intel i9 9900k @ 4.8Ghz
Nvidia 2080ti
3TB Samsung 960 PRO SSD






your narrator


eddie vr

intro music
BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
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  1. Am I the only Mexican who likes Eddie because he's Mexican

  2. CORONAVIRIS heeheeeheeeeeee

  3. I love when narrator jumps out of the attic after clearing his throat and says “Josh’s channel is better then Mully’s, prove me wrong”

  4. juicy screams like 12 times in this I love it

  5. I’ve added like 1 million of the 9 million views on this video

  6. Bro how did they get the mcdonalds bathrooms to look exactly like the real one ladder and all.

  7. i love when they are having mental breakdown toghether

  8. No one noticed but narrator has a son

  9. No one else notice that narrator said he had a son

  10. Hi josh hop you have a great day and can you guys do a video of you guys going to grandmas house video vr thanks

  11. if you put the subtitles on when Eddie speaks taco bell it says music lol

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