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BULLIED Until He Went AFK | Project: Playtime

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It always happens to Glen
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0:00 Huggy T-pose
0:25 I am a filthy person
6:10 The Hero of The Group
10:01 The boys break the game
14:43 Bullied until he went AFK

Project Playtime with Salt Raiders


  1. Who else thought that it was sloppy toppy demon I mean power in the thumbnail

  2. What does the instant saves look like from the other pov?

  3. Now I know all the funny spots for when I play with they boys

  4. I do want to say a little tip for next time you guys play:

    When you need to get on the train, there’s a button on the other side of the map around the train tracks that you can press to call the train.
    If the monster is camping the train, you can press the button and stop them from being able to stop you getting on the train, because the train moves to the other side faster than the monster can move to the other side.

  5. Kaif has never been more sus than I thought

  6. 5:13 never would I thought I would find a League reference from Glen lol 😂

  7. sweats “blitzcrank” oh god no please i dont wanna go down the hole of how in league ive been screwed by blitz

  8. Kaif’s mystery noises are becoming my favorite part of the channel


  10. 4:25 I mean….it IS a Boys reference if we're talking The Boys on Amazon with that one part at the start of season 3 XD

  11. :0 does kaif have trans and ace colored hands on his grab pack thing or is it just a convenience of colors?

  12. Me being a loser a year ago: "Kaif's such an asshole for doing this!"

    Me now: "Go Kaif, make everyone suffer!"

  13. Anyone else hear what Sam was saying about legalising weed? Genuinely curious what the end of his sentence was

  14. 12:48 Kaif what is the title of this song you use in the background?

  15. Joined Kaif's channel around 490-480k i wasn't here from the start but I'm glad i got to subscribe. been watching every videos since

  16. As buggy as this game is, it's so enjoyable to see you guys play it!

  17. Wow i didn't realise you are this close to getting 700 000 subscribers!

  18. As fun as this game looks, the rival mechanic is kinda trash.

  19. Glad to see kaif using the tricks that the comments gave him.

    Also matt is an absolute game breaking rat

  20. You know? In dread hunger as a cannabal you can doppleganger, grab the tnt, run up and suicide on them, then when you go back grab another tnt and run out there again. Maybe pretend both times you are good? You have lots of potential with that auto-respawn and relocate mechanic. Especially with fun toys like tnt.

  21. I clicked on this video cause the thumbnail is too sus…

  22. 5:14 you know i did feel bad but glen outed himself as a league player sooooooooo

  23. i love howe the colours of the players hand are pride themed, makes me really happy! 😀

  24. I’ve been wondering why I recognized the outro and it was agst did you know Heyimbee has the same artist for an outro

  25. Kaif ther is a yellow panel the other side of the train if you put your hand on there you can call the train to the other side

  26. Glen with the League of Legends reference. "You fucking Blitzcrank" 🤣

  27. Mind if I know what your putto is? Also amazing and hilarious video btw😃👍

  28. How to create sad anime eyes: Amogus with questionably large balls

  29. Kaif will all ways be a goblin and I hope Kaif plays the game space engineers

  30. That long grab at about 12:10 was some serious “Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam” shit

  31. 700k is actually close, damn I remembered Kaif being young as thousands, his community grew so fast

  32. anyone remember that video Glenn called Stan a tommy tunneler?

  33. Something special about a game as broken as this.

    Please more

  34. i like how matt is playin an entirely different game then the rest of them

  35. matt at this point has the power to forcefully noclip himself out of the backrooms, fuck the exit to it he just leaves.

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