Boys vs Men vs Sigma #shorts #sigma #games #gaming #videogames -

Boys vs Men vs Sigma #shorts #sigma #games #gaming #videogames

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  1. Doom slayer and kratos but wheres ghost and cj man thats like the ultimate sqaud.

  2. Link defeated Ganondorf and was a sigma until the end of his days….🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  3. Boy:Roblox, Minecreaft
    Man:8 ball pool, uno game
    Sigma: football, 30 days workout

  4. Detroit become Human is such a great game I loved it!

  5. Where’s Dante, Ghost, Soap, Price, Tommy Vercetti, CJ ???

  6. Niko bellic
    Tommy Versetty
    Hordon Frimen

  7. 1.) The disrespect for mario lets say mario didn't exist no videogame characters would exist and no he ain't a simp yall
    2.) I would say pit is a male at least he's like a simp but not a simp at the same time
    3.) How is sonic not a male-sigma sonic just fights because he can and tries to protect everyone how is that not male-sigma
    4.) How is Link not male bro
    5.) I legit don't know what spyro did so bad to not be in male he saved the world multiple times
    This video is just the equilvalent of kids videogame characters= boys simps and worthless

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