BOYS vs GIRLS || Morning Routine Moments And Fun Real Differences You Can Relate To By 123 GO! BOYS -

BOYS vs GIRLS || Morning Routine Moments And Fun Real Differences You Can Relate To By 123 GO! BOYS

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They say men are from mars and women are from Venus. But sometimes they may as well be from different galaxies!
Do you think men and women are from different planets sometimes? What’s the biggest thing they do differently? And in what ways are they actually similar?
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  4. i want to hear there voices

    i want to use 9 in 1 it isthe best thing i have ever saw.

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  10. Boy win because they are so cool 😎

  11. Yuck its even kills germs cleaning everything after cleaning the toilet gross

  12. I will tell you all the similar in men and wemen is that we are all humans

  13. Can we hear the real voices? Just for once ?🥺

  14. I love them went they at the restaurant

  15. It is so funny went they at the restaurant

  16. Did anyone other than me notice the green acrylic paint in Ellie's bath things?

  17. I'm a girl👧👱‍♀️👩 i like girls

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