Boys Vs Girls Lacrosse 😳 which is harder? -

Boys Vs Girls Lacrosse 😳 which is harder?

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  1. Both of them are hard in there own ways none is easier

  2. Your a jerk I play lacrosse girls and it is hard

  3. Dude no hate man but 50$ vs 100$ the girls win

  4. “Boys lacrosse is harder”
    Also him having no experience playing girls lacrosse

  5. As a girl who play lacrosse, I don't know if girls lacrosse is harder or more easier lol

  6. Girls you can’t even hit boys lacrosse is way harder because you don’t get free shots when you get touched by the other stick so boys lacrosse is way harder

  7. no bruh y’all’s is so much deeper and stick is longer what are you saying . now try catching 😂😂

  8. Ya just try and go from playing boys for six years being as fisical as possible then going to girls where you can do shit

  9. Bro, you need to get a handle on yourself girls lax a lot harder than you think lol

  10. In boys lacrosse they can get hit by a defending player hence the deeper pocket in the boys stick, girls lacrosse they don’t get hit but have a smaller pocket to carry the ball.

  11. you didn’t tighten the strings it’s easy for you because it’s illegal make it a legal stick

  12. Soooo girls lacrosse involves way more technical skill because of the shallow pocket and contact and no long poles

    Just a thought but they are both equally hard but I think the women’s sticks are closer to the original game

  13. Our cradling is different then the boys laccross that's all I know

  14. The point of a girls stick not having a deep pocket is so they cant rip the ball and kill another girl since we can’t wear chest pads (not hate btw)

  15. Nah bc u got a low quality boys stick and “high” (better) quality girls stick so yea girls is gonna be better quality. And physically boys sticks r easier to shoot with I play lax and I’ve used a boys stick before and it’s so much easier bc THE POCKET IS DEEPER!!!

  16. As a girl who plays lacrosse it is a LOT more harder than boys lacrosse considering the girls stick has a flat pocket which makes them much harder to catchteh lacrosse ball, i asked my coach why we dont have much of a pocket and my coach fr said "Well do you wanna wrestle like the boys becauss thats what they do and why they have a pocket.". Smh..😔

  17. Depends on if you’ve tried both, if you only play girls you wouldn’t know if boys are harder, vice versa.

  18. i just got back from lacrosse and i do girls lacrosse

  19. Lies. Try catching bruh. Y’all got a pocket as deep as an earthquake.

  20. Girls lax has so many rules like a illegal check

  21. Nooooo boys lacrosse being harder no way
    I think softball harder than baseball also …

  22. Bro no way the shooting is not even the hardest part of girls lax

  23. it’s “not easy to shoot as hard” bc ur holding and throwing it wrong 💀💀

  24. Yo the boys stick is what I just got and I’m new to lacrosse. Any pointers on how to modify the stick without changing the head?

  25. It’s because we shoot WAY different than in this video 😂

  26. Girls lacrosse is so much harder with the tight netting and strict rules

  27. You’re holding the stick wrong and girls locrosse😂

  28. Yo bro you arms and biceps are crazy huge 😊

  29. GIRLS IS 10X HARDER THO. Bc the pocket is way smaller.

  30. The reason why you don’t shoot as far as with the girls lacrosse stick is because it’s longer

  31. i play girls lacrosse and trust me it’s not easier, you can’t cover, cradle with one hand, push your attacker while extending your arms, empty checks, slashing while checking, over the head check, you have to cradle or else the ball will fall out right away, etc let alone the fact that you were not holding the stick correctly trying to shoot as the ball could easy fall out or you could get checked. so i say girls is definitely way harder then boys.

  32. UM NO NO NO NO NO NO …. My friend who is a boy tried cradling w my stick dropped it 000000.1 seconds after his first cradle

  33. Girls lacrosse can’t have contact and the stick is not as deep we also have a LOT of rules that’s why people think it’s harder


  35. girls lax is all skill not muscle it’s harder

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