Boys vs Girls | 1 Million Subscribers Battle -

Boys vs Girls | 1 Million Subscribers Battle

King Kousky
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Boys vs Girls | 1 Million Subscribers Battle is sponsored by X-Shot! In this video, King Kousky hits 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and MrBeast challenges us to do a boys vs girls, brothers vs sisters battle with the new X-Shot Skins blasters. The winners get $1 Million dollars, but the losers have to jump off a massive cliff into a pool of water. Join #KingKousky with the new #XShot Skins and #ChooseDifferent

Water Balloon Battle | Winner Gets MINECRAFT Chest

500K Subscribers Battle | Winner Gets $500,0000

Box Fort Battle | Last One Standing Wins

We hope you like our video, and let us know if we should continue the box fort series with these epic blasters! Hit that like button for Karen!

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👑 About King Kousky
Based in the United States, King Kousky is a new channel made by the creators of PDK Films! We love burritos and our piñata, Esteban.

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  1. I’m you biggest fan I have nerf guns to. Im sub to you congratulate

  2. My name is Kayden the other person that said it was Brody which is the first one that said it the cake and then my favorite cake is vanilla

  3. The surprises going to be they got balloons and if the girls Papa the girls win

  4. My favorite cake is chocolate🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. Happy 1M subscriber's nice nerf video's god job 👍

  6. If I have One Million Dollar I will buy Tesla

  7. My favorite kind of cake is DQ ice cream cake

  8. my favrate cake is choclate whith springcels

  9. Wow I love x shot skins Paul Chris James Eva Anna

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  11. Kylian my favorite cake is chocolate mush who is strawberries in it

  12. who is ganna clean these no way its a robot thats would explode in 5 secs and why are u guys so energetic

  13. 👑 Thank you for 1 MILLION SUBS, what should we do next?

    Karen says hi, and is responding to all comments!

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