Boys Impregnatèd By Their Own Mothers On This Island | Movie Story Recapped -

Boys Impregnatèd By Their Own Mothers On This Island | Movie Story Recapped

Mystery Recapped
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In a hospital on an island populated solely by women and boys, Nicholas is subjected to a medical procedure. He senses everyone is lying to him, and with help from a young nurse, he learns the secret of what the women do on the beach at night.

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  1. This disgusting twisted sh*t is occurring with Alien Abductions and MILABS in Underground Military Bases.

    i was one of the Women abducted and impregnated with an 'Alien'. 😡😡😡

    This Hybridization program has been going on since the begining of the Human Race!
    Read Chapter 3:15 and 6:4 of the Book of Genesis of the Bible.

    The Devil is REAL Y'all!
    I have PERSONALLY encountered one of the "Reptilian's" in an Underground Military Base.

  2. Just imagine a film where young girls are impregnated by their own fathers…
    Disgusting? Disturbing? Obscene?
    Yep, right.

  3. Whoever wrote/came up with this movie belongs on some kind of list or register! 😒

  4. my face was twisted with horror the whole way thru, this is just fodder for pedos. i get freedom of expression but cmon now, some of these scenes didn't need to be made

  5. the industrial revolution and its consequences

  6. what in the boku no hero fanfiction is this.

  7. Between this and Cuties…the entire country of France needs to be put on a list

  8. This a creepy movie but actually is makes you think. If evolution takes another path and came up with this weird thing. Evolution seems to no have a it is creepy to think this.

  9. Hope everyone freaking out over this mid tier movie grows up. Jfc, the kid ain't even involved in any kind of sex stuff. The "orgy" is like watching animals. And trust me your kids know what sex is in vague ways, also like they didn't have to film the kid actually watching people on the ground. There's a way to cut shit together. It's film making not documentary.

  10. I like how the person just glances over that victor like, yeah he’s dead, anyway!

  11. This movie: We cant show a boy impregnated his own mother, that would be wrong! So we made the boy pregnant instead, that should be okay, rightttttttt???
    Anatomy, Biology & Physiology: Fuck this shit, we are out of here.
    The baby: This is child abuse & where is the freaking exit????? Also thank you for the explanation.

  12. Who came up with this and who is his drug dealer

  13. First we nail the roof, then we nail the people who made this movie to the cross

  14. Were they actually kissing in this scene? Feels like this part shouldn’t be allowed to be filmed

  15. What did I watch what is this movie the people who made this are aliens themselves

  16. These films are built due to infancy injections and hatred towards doctors 🤔

  17. Really sick shitzky!!! Youtube ……………… get this fulking shitzzz off here!!! Or else!!!! Can you say LAW SUIT, IDIOT BAZZZTURDS!!!!!

  18. kids all the world become zombies children forever

  19. I would never be in a movie like this as a child bc It would make me very uncomfortable

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