Boys Final - 2017 Nashua Middle School Basketball Tournament -

Boys Final – 2017 Nashua Middle School Basketball Tournament

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Boys final of the 2017 Nashua Middle School Basketball Tournament. Fairgrounds Middle School vs Elm Street Middle School


  1. Score keeper is trash gets three only two elm gets a free throw they give it to the other team

  2. There is this one middle school in my area with 2 teams that were like this. We were 3rd after either of them and lost by 30 to either.

  3. I’m no basketball expert but in my opinion these kids do some obvious mistakes bruh

  4. Idk who is working the score board but they need to go back to math class

  5. We just did a scrimage at my basketball practice against another team and i got 2 shot opportunitys and hit the top of the backboard on both of them can anyone tell me how to deal with being nervous during games

  6. 1:21 why so many passes? like u got no gaurd so thats a free shot. i just noticed how much better I am then I thought I was

  7. These teams are jokes like the tryouts just to get on my schools basketball team was harder then this

  8. im just trying to figure oit how to play my first ever game is tomorrow im so nervous 🙁

  9. You got to let go pick and roll and get the shot to win Good Job!

  10. At the beginning they gave the free throw to the other team like ddue

  11. The way there playing it’s aswome my firts time watching this and I love it the crazy thing is I had a basketball game this morning

  12. Bro who is in charge of the score they messed up so many timea

  13. Idk bout you but these teams kinda butter fingers lmao

  14. When they were full court pressing why didn't anybody screen???

  15. The score keepers could watch Elm make a 3 then add 4 points to fairgrounds 🤦🏿‍♂️

  16. Bro this was a long time ago and I was in that game lmao time flys

  17. What a noob can they make it to final ..😂😂😂..

  18. I could body anyone of these kids 💯💯

  19. 21 need to start passing and stop doing 1v1

  20. I'm 5'8 and my mom is making me play basketball in middle this would be easy short a§ kids

  21. I as a 12 year old girl feel like I could drop 50 on these

  22. How did these teams make it to the final

  23. Ik I can beat the best kid there on 1v1 99.999999999999999999999999999999% sure honestly I just want to be in that match

  24. every year in 8th grade theres matches like football and basketball, and we basically play school vs another school, tomorrow we're gonna be picking teams for the basketball tournament and i never played basketball before i just play street so im pretty nervous on how it is gonna go, the main worry for me is if i make the team

  25. Why is the standards so low for this level

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