Boom Boom Boom Boom. Krieg boys are back on Vraks! -

Boom Boom Boom Boom. Krieg boys are back on Vraks!

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[ Description ]
The Death Korps of Krieg Boom Boom Boom Boom by Janovich. Hanz is Dancing in the Trenches of Vraks to delicious sound of artillery fire
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[ Music]
Big shout out to Burschi1977. Leave a like, he’s been real friendly about me using his Vengaboys cover and people fortifying his comment section.


  1. lyrics live rent free within the hollow caverns of my skull

  2. My favorite song literally I wanna go back pls send back to vraks I hate this fucking paradise world help!

  3. Война… Война забирает такие таланты

  4. I keep watching this… explain why I like this too much

  5. I think my favorite part of this is two years later, nobody has picked up on how, based on build and hip movement range, "he" is most likely "she" and "Fritz/Hans" is more than likely "Greta", save for the part where we all know that Kriegers don't have names, they have designations.

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  7. Ну где саперные лопатки ,
    Ну где же саперные лопатки,
    Давай, возьмем саперные лопатки
    И будем убивать!
    Ну где же саперные лопатки ,
    Ну где же саперные лопатки ,
    Давай, возьмем саперные лопатки
    И будем убивать!

  8. There arent enough videos that properly sync cannonfire with the song. Kudos.

    artillery go boom
    the emperor's will is ruthless, slashing like a sharpened cutlass
    i wanna go boom boom
    lets spend this night together,
    all night in a platoon

  10. Death Korp according to the lore: Vat-grown soldiers raised with zero individuality and trained on one of the worst Death Worlds in the Imperium. Kriegsmen are heavily indoctrinated, believing their deaths in battle will one day redeem Krieg for it’s betrayal 500 years ago. Kriegers are known to bring down moral, with other regiments actively avoiding the grim and suicidal Kriegers.

    Death Korp according the community: This is Hanz, he is a psychotic little Krieger having the absolute time of his life on the frontlines digging trenches, playing in the mud, and dancing to the sounds of artillery fire. He wants to die so badly and if anything happens to him, I will order full Exterminatus of this world.

  11. It is so much better with closed captions on.

  12. Here's how a Commissar keeps order in a Kreig regiment. "YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO DIE BEFORE YOU KILL THE EMPEROR'S ENEMIES!!!" If you convince them they won't be forgiven by the Emperor unless they follow orders properly and don't die before killing the Emperor's enemies, they'll do anything you say.

  13. This makes me wish for a Helldivers 2 version of helldivers dancing to the same tune. "We're going back to the Creek!", aka Malevelon Creek.

  14. Ну где, же, пушки,
    Ну где же наши пушки,
    Давай поднимем пушки,
    И будем с них шмаляль.
    Ну где, же, пушки,
    Ну где же наши пушки,
    Давай поднимем пушки,
    И будем с них шмаляль.

  15. I know its near arty that wont be that close but if i saw this i dont care what side or anything im getting my ass out of there because some nuke or something is gonna be summoned

  16. 0:11
    Idk what it is;but it feels like a lot happens in this small moment.

  17. This video and the intire comment section is just free serotonin and i love it 🤣

  18. Bro is like “f*ck the war, i am dancing to this goofy ahh banger”

  19. I think this is what is happening inside Putins head 🤔

  20. And he dances there for 40 days. Ah men

  21. me when i watch my friends charge suicidally charge into heavily fortified lines only to get blown up by our own bombardments and suddenly this song plays in my head (its my coping mechanism)

  22. but what about helldivers visiting Vraks?!

  23. Ну где же ручки, ну где же ваши ручки? Давай поднимем ручки и будем танцевать!

  24. this would be me if I was trapped in 40k

  25. I saw this and a first trap on my fyp can you guess what when I chose

  26. You know things are bad in the world when you're envious of Imperial Guardsmen.

  27. Your average helldiver every dive
    Only difference is for democracy rather then for the emperor

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