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Portrayed by Karl Urban, William “Billy” Butcher is one of the main protagonists And the leader of the eponymous team bent on taking down Vought and the Seven.

He’s basically a cockney Punisher. A former member of the British special forces turned vigilante that is as manipulative as he is cunning.

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  1. in my opinion having his wife still a live was a mistake as her later death was due to his wife's son which makes his grunge with homelander feel less impackful

  2. You should cover the cannibals and mutants from The Forest, (a pretty awesome open world survival game)

  3. I will never watch this show, I have literally no interest in it, but I'm glad so many people have fun and that it's not nearly as bad as the comics were.

  4. A very interesting breakdown on Willam Butcher.

  5. Hey mate great video once again!
    I'm not entirely sure that kid killed his mother. Bare with me on this: Stormfront had her by the neck, yes, but she was strangling her, not cutting her. I think that when that kid Blew Stormfront away (quite spectacularly i might add) Billy brought the crowbar down on empty air……until it struck Beck on the neck, cutting her throat.

  6. Ya know…. I've been subscri Ed for more than 3 years….. and honestly, I have yet to watch an actual video where you explain literally ANYTHING…. all you do is recap things. I'm still gunna watch your videos, but honestly, you could EXPLAIN more tbh

  7. The show version of Butcher have more humanity than the comic book version. His bond with Hughie is ones of the reasons he still have a Soul!

  8. Carl Urban needs to do another Dredd, the lore of that universe is so cool.

  9. Karl Urban managed to create the character Billy, showing that he will stop at nothing to eliminate the villains even at the cost of his friends. Karl was perfect as Dredd, it's a real shame that there have been no further development of the character.

  10. Can you do black noir he's like the martial artist assassin of the seven

  11. Corporate wankers 😂. Great video, keep doing what you do!

  12. I always thought he was Australian…

    …or Austrian.

  13. One of the best protagonists/anti heroes we've been given in the last 10 years

  14. Billy Butcher is a right bastard, only made less so by the world ending level bastards he regularly smacks down. Even Homelander isn't stupid enough to incur his wrath. Him and the rest of the Boys NEVER hold back in a fight. They go for the throat each and every time, and with utterly his nihilistic, willing to die attitude (and ultimately, willing to kill the ENTIRE world), that makes him the most dangerous man alive. Vought's money? Homelander's power? Nothing compared to what the Butcher brings to the table.

  15. Finally. Someone mentioned butcher being the cockney punisher. Thought I was the only one

  16. I’ve been asking for a “They” video for almost 3 years. I’ll just go phuck myself then

  17. Billy Butcher is one of the best characters I've seen in any media

  18. One of the things I like about this IP is that it normalises the fact that corporations and politicians are c**ts , while the public are brainwashed and compliant ants. Bezos must be pissing himself.

  19. Great review of this incredible character!!! Butcher is hands down my favorite character in this genre of live action of all time

  20. With great power, come great responsibility to be a c$&t.

  21. He is a man who gets stuff done. Whatever it takes.

  22. For as much as I enjoyed seeing you cover Ol Billy Butcher it's the "Corporate Wankers at Vought" line that really won me over!

  23. One of the ironies is that Billy Butcher is based on a superhero. The Punisher. A superhero whose superpowers are completely human. And there comes the twist when Butcher acutally gains superpowers…

  24. I can't help but praise how better the show is compared to the comic book. Because that comic book is pure hatred against the super-hero trope, since the author hate the trope.
    Butcher is one of favorites, even though he's just as bad as Homelander sometimes..

  25. Butcher has a way of talking.A man of the people.Its very what it is.Working class.

  26. In the comics, butcher is a horrible person who has no redeeming qualities and kills his friends. But in the show, his a hardened man who actually has feelings for his friends and especially Hughie, who he sees as a younger brother.

  27. The cut on his cheek is from his fight with gunpowder, before he had powers

  28. I wouldn’t quite call him a protagonist at times he’s just as evil as Homeland are but that’s what I like about Garth Ennis Stories there’s no good or bad people it’s just people doing things and living with the choices they’ve made

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