Benn White Shorts
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  1. make next video how men like to cudle. they love to cudle with musculine shit bears

  2. I’ve seen you in London somewhere a few weeks ago ❤

  3. Not trying to be rude, but she seemed a little annoyed 😢

  4. why hug a person when u can hug a tree at 160 km/h

  5. Bro called me single in 9999999999 different languages

  6. Can’t wait to experience these lol😅

  7. Tit in the mouth , im seen a 40 yr old and I'm 21 def mommy issues

  8. ima ask my gf to do this with me 😅

  9. POV this called you single in 67 different languages! 💀😭

  10. remember, notice she said boys, not men💀

  11. If cuddling is for boys then what do men get?

  12. My ex friend and i did the head in-between the legs. the relationship was totally platonic. thats when i fell for her

  13. but my younger bro gets erect every time 🤧 Any fellow sufferers out there? Tips to rescue me?

  14. Ohhhhh thads why my bf is doin this 😂

  15. it’s not resting his head on ur shoulder we prefer a lil lower then the shoulder yk

  16. The “in between” the way he was touching your left finger seems like he wants to marry you 😍🥹

  17. Thanks. This made me feel single ❤️👍

  18. I do the in-between with my gf idk why that sonded so sus 😳

  19. Im single. Theres a girl at school I like and everyone says she likes me and today she faked an injury to get me to talk to her. Her friends said she told them she likes me

  20. Why type of boy want to be cuffed from behind

  21. my boyfriend dose rests his head on my shoulder and koala snuggles.

  22. #1&2 is what me and my boyfriend do, #4 is so intimate, close, perfect

  23. this is what body pillows are for

  24. Bro just called us single in 5 different ways

  25. They called me single in 194757483292937644 different ways

  26. Damn the koala snuggle is the best 💀
    I'm (single)🗿

  27. I would do all of this but in reverse roles (beside the last one)

  28. U called me single in many ways😅😂

  29. My mom died when I was 6 year old 😢 i am alone

  30. im aro/ace but i must admit I need this to cure my depression

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